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A new dawn

May 31, 2009

The pain, anguish, and sacrifices are now a thing of the past. Every member of the Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist has contributed their share to what we have achieved so far.

This is strategic shift, not of any paradigm, but towards providing leadership in a peaceful campaign to preserve the gains and aspirations that our forebears had fought and died for. Not many of us, in this country, dared to dip our fingers because the soothsayers of doom and evil has succeeded to intimidate and coerce our innocent and less privileged brothers, in both urban and rural areas.

Even those in high places were likewise threatened and voluntarily committed themselves to the so-called Code of Omerta ( Code of Silence) for fear of being murdered or their properties forcibly taken away. Indeed, the strata of the high and powerful were not spared.

We are a witness to the more than 20 years of negotiations for peace that somehow has not and will never take off simply because of the conditions were being dictated by the atheistic cult led by the Maoist messiah Jose Ma. Sison and company.

A new dawn and feature is born! Not only in Congress and other high places but in the nooks and corners of our beloved free and democratic country.

The entry of ANAD Partylist will thus  painta new picture and landscape as we feverishly pursue our peaceful pro-democracy campaign, e.g. education, counter-organization, mobilization, and to expose and oppose the pseudo Maoist communist partylist organizations and personalities in Congress.

The short time frame afforded to ANAD, with only about a year before the May 2010 elections, will not hinder our efforts to pursue this campaign. Indeed, a new dawn is slowly lighting up the horizons for all Filipinos to share and contribute in the name of peace, freedom, democracy, and development.


We made it!

May 31, 2009

The long wait is over! Persistent efforts, perseverance, and untold sacrifices paid-off. The Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist finally made it to Congress, a fulfillment of bringing our vaunted peaceful pro-democracy advocacy right inside the hallowed halls of our country’s legislature.

It all started with a telephone call, Jun Alcover received from Rep. Benhur Salimbangon (3rd District, Cebu) in the evening of April __, 2009. At that time, Jun was in Cebu City tending to his work and planning how to push further ANAD’s program to important groups and offices both in government and private entities. Rep. Salimbangon’s opening salvo was, “Hello? Jun, Congressman kana karon (Jun, you’re now a Congressman.”

This ushered a new dawn and horizons for the former Maoist communist Commander-Political Officer of the Maoist communist CPP-NPA’s Eastern Visayas Regional Party Committee turned staunch peaceful pro-democracy advocate. No other word could aptly describe his feelings then but “disbelief.”

It took more than a decade of persistent hardwork that ANAD had to endure before making it, so to speak. In 2000 via the NAD Partylist that was disqualified due to some technicalities and Maoist communist machinations; in 2004 when ANAD should have made it by garnering the required 2% of the votes cast for partylist representation, but was overtaken by the turn of events; and until after the 2007 elections  when the Supreme Court handed down its monumental decision, “I thought our pro-democracy campaign could never see the light of day inside the halls of the Lower House,” said Jun.

Looking straightforward to a new dawn, Jun Alcover snatched a few personal items and flew straight to Manila were he was proclaimed, along with 32 other new-partylist representatives, by the Commission on Election on April __, 2009.

“Thank you Lord!” was all Cong. Pastor “Jun” Montero-Alcover could say immediately after taking his oath of office before House Speaker Prospero Nograles, in the latter’s office at the Batasan Pambansa Building.

Tedious and trying times lies ahead as Cong. Alcover assured all peace and freedom-loving Filipinos that true to his personal crusade and ANAD’s advocacy, “. . . . .we will expose and oppose the Maoist communists pseudo partylist groups and personalities in Congress .”

Making the rounds of the different ANAD chapters and affiliates, throughout the country, Cong. Alcover expressed his thanks to the unwavering support by tens of thousands of marginalized ANAD members. “Through thick and thin, you steadfastly stood behind our organization’s ideals, vision, and objectives. This must not fail as I will now bring the voices of thousands of victims of Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF atrocities and deception, which were suppressed for so many decades already” Alcover said with deep clarity and commitment.

“I know the enemies of freedom, peace, and democracy will double-up, if not triple-up, their efforts to stifle us. But I firmly believe that the real God and Savior will not forsake us for He knows that our advocacy is not of selfishness but for all people, not of money because for  more than 20 years we have sustained our efforts out of donations and some pat on our backs by brother Filipinos whose only motivation is putting an end to the decades old lies, deceit, threats, and intimidation perpetrated with impunity by the communist CPP-NPA-NDF, particularly the NDF’s multi-sectoral front and pseudo-partylist organizations, “ Cong. Alcover stressed.

“Makabayan”, Cunning and deceptive

May 31, 2009

NOT CONTENTED of gaining entry into the Lower House, through our country’s partylist system, the Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF are setting their sights on the Senate via the 2010 elections.

“The communist never sleeps. They work tirelessly until they get hold of the objective,” said one former member of the Maoist communist National Democratic Front, who requested anonymity for security reasons. True enough but the Filipinos are not oblivious to this.

Clearly this is in implementation of their much ballyhooed “parliamentary struggle”,  strategic shift from the infamous “armed struggle” that never brought positive results to the Maoist cause, except instilling fear through relentless murders, intimidations, and harassments of our rural folks.

Launched in April 15, 2009 at the University of the Philippines’ Bahay Alumni, the Makabayang Koalisyon ng Mamamayan (Makabayan) is the new political party of the Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF that would carry Satur Ocampo, Teodoro Casino, Liza Maza, and Rafael Mariano to the Senate. Riding on the support of LP presidential aspirant Senator Mar Roxas, who obligingly attended the launching and invited the communist “quartet” to join his party’s senatorial ticket, they have gained the support of a major group in our country’s political system.

Known for their political Machiavellian savvy, the communist “quartet” definitely would not turndown such a wonderful offer while continuing to showboat their Makabayan political party.

What would this mean in terms of our country’s political landscape! Clear enough is the message that the Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF is decided on taking a grab of our country’s political life by the 2010. In short, our freedom and democracy is in serious danger and the 2010 elections will tell whether what future is in store for all of us.

Nobody would believe Satur Ocampo with whatever he says for he is a master and expert in lies and deception! The same holds true with his comrades: Casino, Maza, and, Mariano.

The guile and deceitful ways they masterfully showed sends terrible and daunting messages to the 80 million Filipinos whose quest for a better life is being used and abused verily by the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF during its 40 years of insurgency.

Time is of the essence! There must be a stunning rebuke by the Filipino people, in the 2010 elections, of the Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF’s obsession to establish a communist dictatorship in the country.

Alcover calls on Congress to investigate Cong. Maglungsod’s actions

May 31, 2009

THE ALLIANCE OF NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) strongly supports the order issued by Secretary-General Marilyn Yap for Anak Pawis Partylist Representative Joel Maglungsod to vacate his “office tent”, along with Maoist communist front sectoral organizations that set up camp at the gates of the Batasan Pambansa. However, “the order should immediately be implemented and not wait until June 6,” said Cong. Jun Alcover, of ANAD Partylist

“These people had been given more than enough time and space and their continued stay in that area has shown their disregard and utter disrespect to the House of Representatives,” said Alcover. “They blatantly abused our country’s democratic space,” said Alcover.

More than 10 “tents” and illegal temporary structures with matching red banners of Maoist communist front sectoral organizations were established in that area and obviously intended for a long stay. Aside from the “Batasan Siege”, Maoist communist sectoral front organizations had pitched camp, for years already, in front of the main offices of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), Elliptical Road, Quezon City.

ANAD maintains that protests and other forms of peaceful assemblies at the gates of the Batasan Pambansa and other government offices is welcome, “pitching camp and putting illegal structures there tantamount to hooliganism as if they are pressuring Congress and government to succumb to their demands,” Alcover stressed.

Alcover lamented Maglungsod’s attitude as a member of Congress. “What happened to him? He has brazenly expressed disrespect to an institution that he also belongs. His actuations, that placed the entire House of Representatives’ integrity to question and public ridicule, is something that must be investigated by the Ethics Committee of the Lower House and appropriate disciplinary sanctions be meted against him,” Alcover pointed out.

On the other hand, Cong. Alcover explained that if Congress refuses to investigate Cong. Maglungsod and immediately remove the illegal structures at the gates of the Batasan, “ANAD would take this as an expression of tolerance on the part of the House’s leadership. The news item that came out might only be intended for public relations purposes.”

In so doing, Alcover said that organized pro-democracy forces in the country, particularly in Metro Manila, can do the same, “in pursuit of our pro-democratic crusade. Congress cannot prevent us from doing so,” he added.

Political pluralism with an armalite on our back?

May 31, 2009

ANAD Partylist Cong. Jun Alcover described as “threading into murky and dangerous waters” if lawmakers, like Sen. Chiz Escudero, openly pursue his thinking of – – “allowing beliefs espoused by all political forces to be heard in the marketplace of ideas.”

While the ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY is open to the exchange of beliefs and ideas that would result to a better understanding and peace among Filipinos, “allowing a group who advocate violence is something that must be prevented,” said Alcover.

Expressing his reaction to Sen. Escudero’s statement, as reported by media, Alcover explained that dealing with the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF, especially with their sectoral front and pseudo partylist organizations is tantamount to “ talking to them with an armalite on your back, he said.

While ANAD has not yet decided on the issue of reviving the Anti-Subversion Law or RA 1700 whether to support it or not, Alcover said that strengthening our country’s democratic institutions necessitates the unhampered and free exchange of political beliefs and ideas with groups who do not advocate the use of violence against innocent and helpless Filipinos.

“Such is not the case with the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF for they strongly adhere to the teachings of Mao Tse Tung – POWER COMES OUT FROM THE BARREL OF THE GUN. This is the very reason why the CPP’s New People’s Army is there,” Alcover pointed out.

Alcover called on all Filipinos, especially those who are setting their sights on the top two positions of the land, to be serious about the issue. “Let us refrain from political double talk in exchange for the so-called votes of the Maoist communist minions. Let us join hands to give real meaning to our freedoms and democratic institutions,” he said.

Charter Change must not be personality centered

May 31, 2009

EFFORTS to amend our constitution must not be personality based but should consider what is best for our country and people. This was expressed by Cong. Pastor Alcover Jr., ANAD Partylist Representative as he explained that ANAD will support moves to amend the Constitution, either thru Constituent Assembly or Constitutional Convention.

“We cannot be silent on the matter considering the fact that our people need adequate support from government which our present constitution could not extend to them with dispatch. Amending some provisions of the constitution could spell enhancement and support for this,” he said.

He cited some provision that could bolster our economy and cause political maturity among our people. “Either towards parliamentary, federal, or putting up a stronger and improved presidential form of governance does not worry us. But ANAD’s utmost priority is one that would enhance our people’s capability towards economic development through opportunities that would address poverty and capability building,” Alcover pointed out.

On the issue that additional partylist representations were named to the Lower House to ensure Charter Change (Cha-Cha), Alcover said that the highest court of the land has mandated it to be so. “It is in compliance to the mandates of our constitution. The apportioning of 20% of the total members of Congress for partylist representation was in the Constitution long before the move/s to amend the constitution came out,” he added.

Alcover urged all sectors to view such moves in the context of promoting the general welfare and capability of our people; and not against any individual. “The latter would clearly be of great disservice to our people and country because personal and biased intentions would be the order of the day, so to speak, and not the giving of importance to the future and well-being of our people and country,” Alcover stressed.