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Of lies and deceit!

July 31, 2009

First, the resumption of the stalled peace talks was floated and staunchly carried with propaganda gusto.

Second, the launching of the Melissa Roxas alleged abduction and torture propaganda campaign.

Third, the veiled threat of strong and sustained mass action against House Resolution 1109 with a strong threat of widespread anti-government protests during President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s State of the Nation Address, last July 27.

Fourth, the Maoist communist threat, courtesy of Jorge Madlos’ statement, that the Maoist NPA will continue to attack and harass government installations and military personnel despite efforts to revive the peace talks.

All these were mere rhetoric as it only clearly showed the Maoist’s weak spots in relation to their 40 year Maoist communist revolution here. Indeed, the weakening of the conglomeration of Maoist communist fanatics is more pronounced with the deliberate and indiscriminate attacks committed by the terrorist NPA, now with more gusto against innocent civilians and lowly public officials.

Their only message is to say – “We are still around”, but never would they admit that they are on the way towards extermination!

Some say that while there is truth in the dwindling numbers of armed NPA terrorists, the opposite is true in relation to the political forces being mustered and mobilized by the National Democratic Front in the form of their sectoral front and pseudo partylist organizations.

The latter’s increase in numbers is highly suspect considering the fact that these Maoist communist political organizations use money and intimidation as a means to achieve a sizeable number during protest actions.

One thing is certain, the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF threat and capability is definitely on a downturn mainly because of the Filipino’s awakening to the realms of truth, justice, and equality that the Maoist communist-terrorist minions only had dangled on them but never to be owned.

Indeed, the Filipinos had been witness to the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF’s lineage of deceitful campaign that has brought them to nowhere. They have stood up and are now saying – “enough is enough to Maoist communist charade of lies and deceit!”


A Maoist communist propaganda gambit

July 31, 2009

On “Abduction, illegal detention,  and torture” of Melissa Roxas

Ingrid Torres

THE “ALLEGED abduction, illegal detention, and torture” of a certain Melissa Roxas, reportedly in May 19, 2009, has indeed startled the very core of human civilities.

Indeed, a run-around of events and developments, are strewn in almost all nooks of our country’s free and democratic life. Even the core of our democratic institutions is now being used to generate undue public criticism against the duly constituted, free, and democratic government of our country.

Incredible is the story of Melissa’s alleged travails, as narrated in her Sworn Statement submitted to the Supreme Court in her petition for a Writ of Amparo. Indeed it is incredible because the narration has been woven very close, clean, and neat that even a very close and cursorily look could not spot a flaw, save for an expert’s keen senses brought about by his years within the Maoist communist-terrorist organization.

Cong. Jun Alcover of ANAD Partylist could only say, “I speak with credibility because I came from that organization that ably manipulated my youthful idealism and emotions into tasking myself to lead the Godless, inhuman, and barbaric Maoist communist ideology in Eastern and Central Visayas, then.”

When he got hold of a copy Melissa’s Sworn Statement, “immediately my thought backtracked to the days when I was once in the forefront of the Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF demonic campaign to harass and intimidate our people and manipulate and threaten the core of our new recruits into a service of endless deceit and lies.”

Melissa’s story didn’t surprise him. “It has all the trappings of a well orchestrated propaganda and hate campaign against the government whom the communist-terrorists used, abused and milked for 40 years already, until today”, he added

Reminiscing his years in the Maoist communist underground movement, Alcover sadly noted the loss of one of his closest friend, Nanie Montalbo, a professor of a university in Cebu City, “I cannot forget the brutal and treacherous murder of my very good friend Nanie Montalbo, at the back of the Basak Catholic Church, in Pardo, Cebu City, whose family until today has not seen or recovered Nanie’s cadaver or whatever is left of it. His family was only told that Nanie’s lifeless body was thrown to the sea. Nanie was accused of being a government agent, a trumped-up accusation against him and the death penalty meted against Nanie by the infamous Maoist communist-terrorist Kangaroo Court” he quipped.

Nanie is only one of the tens of thousands of Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF victims. With all clarity and candor, I would say that Melissa’s story is undeniably a concoction of Maoist communist-terrorist deception, black propaganda, and hate campaign, all designed to insult and destroy our government’s image with the world community of nations.

During a press conference with media personalities of the national dailies, television and broadcast stations  held  the Quezon City Memorial Circle, he declared saying,  “ANAD is in possession of a video tape, through LBC, sent to us by an active NPA member operating in the mountains of Aurora province showing that Melissa is an active NPA personality.” Alcover also showed to media a portion of the letter, sent together with the VCD. He added saying, “we were told by our sources that Melissa is a special conduit between the CPP-NPA-NDF in the country and the International Solidarity Movement, all headed by Maoist messiah Jose Ma. Sison; and she is based in the United States.”

The 15-minute video, shown live on national television, through NBN TV-4, has unraveled the truth. As such, it also has unmasked the geniuses of the lies and deceit from within the rungs of the Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF. In all candidness, Alcover pointed out that the hyped black propaganda campaign waged by Bayan Muna and all of its surrogate organizations and partylist personalities against government is a continuation of their venomous and leechlike commitment to discredit and destroy not only President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo alone, “but the whole structure of the free and democratic government of our country, especially in the run-up towards the 2010 national elections where they will be fielding Satur Ocampo, Liza Maza, Teodoro Casino, and Rafael Mariano in the Maoist communist MAKABAYANG KOALISYON NG MAMAMAYAN (MAKABAYAN) Party.” “MAKABAYAN is not just an ordinary political party but is conceived and mobilized by identified, well-known, and dyed-to-the-wall Maoist communist adherents,” Alcover added.

Where have all the funds come from?

July 31, 2009

NOT ONLY were millions of pesos involved but many believed that the influence and power appurtenant to being members of the country’s legislature has come into play during the Maoist communist inspired anti-PGMA protest actions last July 27, not only in Metro Manila but in some key cities throughout the country.

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist could only muster exasperation when the protestors came out with blaring sound systems loaded on trucks and other vehicles, with tarpaulins replacing placards and other signages, and effigies of gigantic sizes. To top it all, during meal time, food packs were distributed to thousands of protestors by arranged catering services.

Indeed, hundred of millions of pesos was the ballpark amount put forward by one observer who mingled with the crowd just to have a feel of it. “Where did they get their money to pay for all of this?” asked ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover upon seeing these things unravel before his eyes that was hooked then on television.

Alcover, a veteran street protestor and a former top ranking leader of the Maoist communist CPP-NPA in Eastern and Central Visayas, said, “In Metro Manila alone, about 2 to 3 million is needed to stage a march protest actions with that kind of preparation,” he said.

From a measly “ballot sa dahon ng saging” meal that was the usual packed meal then, to “sako ng bigas “ and other indigenous materials for signages, and megaphones blaring then, “the really have improved their capabilities,” Alcover quipped.

“We cannot help but wonder where they got the funds to support their nationwide endeavor,” Alcover said.

Some quarters were saying that the funds come from the extorted money of the Maoist communist NPA and a great possibility is the use of government funds, courtesy of the pseudo partylist members in Congress.

“This must be investigated by Congress and other agencies of government, like the COA, to ferret out the truth on the sourcing of their funds,” Alcover said even as he slammed  Maoist communist sectoral front and pseudo partylist organizations to disclose their sources of funds.

“We will know then how much are they receiving from foreign sources, from extortion within the country, and the probable use of government funds,” he said.

CHR Chair de Lima’s statements are grossly premature and irresponsible

July 31, 2009

On Melissa Roxas’ allegation

The following is the official statement on the seeming partiality, lack of objectivity and neutrality exercised by the Commission on Human Rights, through its Chairperson Leila de Lima, on the case of Melissa Roxas as a result of ANAD’s press conference held at the Quezon City Memorial Circle last July 25, 2009. – – -Rey Salas/ANAD National Spokesman.

THE ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) strongly deplores and is very much saddened by the biased and prejudicial statements issued by Chairperson Leila de Lima of the Commission on Human Rights on the Melissa Roxas case.

The story (pp.2, PDI, July 27) where she was quoted saying, “I wish to stress that the issue before the CHR is the alleged abduction and torture (of Roxas) and not her alleged affiliation. . . .” loudly speaks out of her prejudging the case which at the moment is still subject to several hearings.

Her statement was grossly premature and irresponsible considering the fact that the CHR, being a quasi-judicial body tasked to protect the human rights of all Filipinos and not any select group or individual, is still in the initial stage in determining culpability or otherwise of those named respondents in the complaint.

ANAD strongly maintains our contentions of the following:

  1. Melissa’s affiliation with the NPA is vital as it would greatly bear on credibility, truthfulness, and accuracy of her (Melissa’s) Sworn Statement that is now with the CHR. In her Sworn Statement, Melissa denied her being a member of the Maoist communist-terrorist NPA. However, the material sent by an NPA member in Aurora that I received and read only in July 22, told us otherwise. The video CD that was inserted in the package to support the narrations made in the letter. If one element of her Sworn Statement is found to be falsified or a lie then the entire Sworn Statement, including her allegations of abduction and torture, would be highly questionable and suspect.
  2. ANAD has never offered conclusions on the materials received, thru LBC, from an NPA member in Aurora Province. During the press conference last Saturday (July 25), ANAD merely presented the facts of the materials received, showed them to the members of the media, and only made some observations, based on my experience in the Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF underground movement.

It would be in the interest of justice and fairness if Chair de Lima would ask Melissa to make her response to the allegations stated in the material we received rather than outright and deliberately setting aside the issue. I challenge the CHR, especially Chair de Lima to have Melissa undergo a Lie-Detector test.

On the other hand, ANAD calls on Renato Reyes, Secretary General of Bayan, not to muddle the issue on Melissa’s alleged abduction and torture. However, his statement (pp 2, PDI, 27 July) clearly supports our belief that Melissa was abducted by a special unit of the Maoist communist NPA without her knowing it.

Also, ANAD strongly call on all freedom loving Filipinos to be wary about the present conditions and developments in our country, particularly those initiated by Maoist communist sectoral-front and pseudo partylist organizations. All of these are designed and intended as a propaganda vehicle against the government.

The Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF, through their sectoral front and pseudo partylist organizations are on the thick of a hate campaign against the duly constituted free and democratic government of the country. They will never cease nor pause even for a second! Their sole obsession is putting down our free and democratic government, at all cost, and replacing with a communist dictatorship.

No to peace talks

July 31, 2009

If Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF continues its blatant deception

THE MORE than 20 years of peace negotiations achieved nothing. From the time when then President Corazon Aquino took the reins of governance and released Maoist messiah Jose Ma. Sison and company, to include Satur Ocampo, and until today, nothing positive was achieved except that the government was pushed to the wall with calculated lies and deception by the Maoist communist leaders.

Millions of pesos were spent for these negotiations that resulted in some social gatherings where supposedly government representatives rubbed elbows with the Maoist communist counterparts with food and wine on the table in many places in Europe.

The GRP is often gullible to the sweet and romanticized statements made by the masters of deception and lies of the Maoist communist cult. From that time on, the government was talking to a “phantom” NDF panel, headed by Luis Jalandoni, who cannot decide on terms and agreements that maybe reached. This is the main reason why the talks failed.

The situation looks grim for the Filipinos. While the negotiations are held, in Europe with the NDF taking the lead, the NPA goes berserk as they murder, intimidate, harass, and attack with impunity all of the soft and hard targets they may have crossed paths, along the way. All these happened while the military and police forces are restrained to camps or barracks, in compliance with the ceasefire agreement.

Such is the case of the murder of the late Cong. Rodolfo Aguinaldo of Cagayan and some others. The NDF has no power or authority over the NPA for they are co-equals in the structure of the Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF organization.

To top it all, the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF not only used the provisions of the Joint Agreement on Security and Immunity Guarantees, between the government and the communist-terrorists, to the hilt but wantonly abused it by not openly disclosing the names of those who are their panel members, consultants, and staff.

Theirs is a blank piece of paper that will be filled-up by names of people once government arrests an NPA or NDF personality saying that these are among their consultants and thus covered by JASIG.

It is high time that government should rectify this error. It has fallen into a neatly woven Maoist communist political trap.

Government must demand, among others, that the leader of the communist-terrorist panel must have the authority and power to order the full cessation of hostilities by both the NPA and NDF, in the country; and that a full list of communist-terrorist panel members, consultants, and staff, must be declared and agreed before government issues safe conduct passes pursuant to the JASIG.

The Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) very well knows that the Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF will continue its deception and manipulation of situations and conditions, a scheme that they have mastered in the 40 years of Maoist communist revolution, in the country.

Government must wake up from deep slumber if it is serious in talking peace with the Maoist communist-terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF.

Government must be extremely cautious

July 31, 2009

Ceasefire with the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF

THE ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) strongly warns the government and the Filipino people against falling into a political and suicidal trap expertly laid down by the Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines-New Peoples Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) even as it maintains its stand that any ceasefire entered into by the government with the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF must have prior approval by both the Executive Committee and the Central Committee of the Maoist terrorist group before any implementation is effected.

The more than 22 years of talking peace with the Maoist terrorist group showed that cessation of hostilities has always been one sided against the government with the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF conducting sustained activities against government and innocent Filipinos; and with impunity.

Government has been and will always be on the loosing end with the terrorists consistent in their attacks against government and private/commercial installations with many soldiers and innocent civilians killed. The Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF never fulfilled their end of the agreement because they expertly manipulated situations and conditions thus succeeded in naming erstwhile Roman Catholic priest turned communist leader and currently the head of the NDF Luis Jalandoni to chair their side in the peace negotiations.

We all know that the NDF is the political arm of the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF. It implements orders coming from the both the Executive and Central Committees of the Maoist-Terrorist Communist Party of the Philippines but cannot issue orders to both the CPP and the NPA. Why then is the NDF chosen by the Maoist-Terrorist CPP represent their group, in the peace negotiations, when in truth and in fact it cannot decide nor hold the terrorist CPP-NPA to comply, much less account, any and all agreements that maybe reached with the government? Who are the members of the NDF sitting in the negotiating panel? Their identities are purposely hidden by their organization to mislead government and allow them to expand and dictate the number of personalities who could be extended, by the government, the so-called SAFE CONDUCT PASS.

This is bare-faced and callous deception parlayed by the Maoist terrorist CPP against government to force the latter into a political and suicidal trap!

For the past 22 years, government has been dealing with a phantom panel. Thus, while government ordered cessation of hostilities and active operations against the Maoist communist-terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF, the NPA showed its ruthlessness because Jalandoni cannot order the NPA to stop all of their attacks against government and innocent Filipino civilians, during the ceasefire period. Such is the case when the late Cagayan Rep. Rodolfo Aguinaldo was assassinated and many others, all in the name of an insane Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF revolution!

Indeed, with the onset of the 2010 elections, the Maoist communist-terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF will make another shot and try to reopen peace negotiations with the government. In all calumny, they will surely go for it with the hope of forging another ceasefire agreement with the government.

While ANAD remains steadfast in its commitment for a lasting peace with any and all of the threat groups in the country today, such must be made with extreme caution. At this point in time, ANAD strongly opposes any formal or informal cessation of hostilities against the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF for this will only be used by the Maoist communist-terrorists to consolidate their forces, replenish their personnel and supplies, and strengthen their position in the run-up towards the 2010 elections.

The Filipino people should not forget that about 30% of the Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF finances come from the so-called PERMIT TO CAMPAIGN (PTC) they imposed on all candidates, except their own. With their newly innovated PERMIT TO WIN (PTW) exacted on candidates, in all levels; and the recent launching of their own political party MAKABAYANG KOALISYON NG MAMAMAYAN (MAKABAYAN) with Satur Ocampo, Rafael Mariano, Liza Maza, and Teddy Casino vying for a seat in the Senate, any ceasefire that government will impose shall be viewed by them as of great importance and support to their a aspirations.

ANAD manifests its strong opposition towards any form of ceasefire with the Maoist communist-terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF because theirs is a group that does not believe in peace, including any and all efforts towards peace. Their venerable icon Mao Tse Tung said, “Peace can only be achieved after a revolution. . . . Revolution is not a dinner party nor a picnic, but a violent overthrow of the system.”

In the 40 years of Maoist CPP-NPA-NDF insurgency and terrorism, this group has not shown sincerity and commitment towards peace. Instead, they blatantly showed their expertise in deceit and in manipulating situations and conditions to support their agenda of destroying the democratic ideals and fibers of our country and people.