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Double-talk and lies!

August 31, 2009

Behind the scuttled peace talks

Chris Jhann Cordero

Editorial Cartoon courtesy of ANAD Mail

Editorial Cartoon courtesy of ANAD Mail

“IT TAKES two to tango,” so says a famous adage referring to at least a pair of people or a couple needed to make things work out. In the oftenly stalled peace negotiations, not only should the government be pushed to hard, as it has bended backward so much, but the Maoist communist-terrorists CPP-NPA-NDF should do their utmost effort instead of crying like a spoiled brat.

The latest Maoist communist-terrorist clique’s latest charade, courtesy of Maoist messiah Jose Ma. Sison, NDF chief negotiator Luis Jalandoni, and NDF spokesman Fidel Agcaoili, only reiterated their usual misdemeanor exuding contempt and confusion.

Many peace-loving Filipinos expressed optimism when the news on the revival of the peace talks made it to the pages of newspapers and the airlines, so to speak. Hope for a better and peaceful environment, especially in strife torn areas due to Maoist communist hooliganism, rang audibly but subdued as they still have to contend the fear and intimidating presence of the Maoist communist-terrorist New Peoples Army.

The CPP-NPA-NDF deception and lies continued amidst the sincere efforts of the government to appropriately respond to the release of 4 prominent NDF personalities who were incarcerated by virtue of a court ordered warrant of arrest.

Elizabeth Principe, reportedly secretary of the CPP-NPA-NDF’s North Luzon Regional Party Committee, and Randal Echaniz, member of the CPP executive committee cum labor organizer, were released from detention while government has committed that Rafael Baylosis and Vicente Ladlad will not be arrested, even with warrants of arrests hanging on their heads, during the pendency of the peace talks.

In a spur of the opportunity pervading, the Maoist communist-terrorist expanded their demand that government must release 14 detained comrades before any peace talks could begin. “A calculated but expected move from the communists who are masters in the art of deception and lies,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover, himself a former commanding officer-political officer of the Maoist CPP-NPA in Eastern and Central Visayas, in the mid 70’s.

Alcover’s statement is reminiscent of the many urgent calls raised and sounded by the Alliance of Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist urging government to be extra cautious in dealing with the Maoist communist-terrorists, among others.

Deception lies strongly in the naming Luis Jalandoni as NDF chief negotiator when nothing is explicit as to whom did the appointment come from when Maoist messiah and CPP found chair Jose Ma. Sison voluntarily shied away and presented himself as the NDF’s chief political consultant. “Government is dealing with a phantom organization resulting in the NPAs continued assault while the peace talks are going on,” said Alcover pointing to the past stagings of the talks.

“Government’s actions should not only be calculated too but with clarity demanding a response from the communists as to who appointed Jalandoni as the lead negotiator,” said Alcover.

On the issue of a possible power struggle within the communist movement, Alcover retorted saying, “That is expected because the hawks in the party, led by the couple Benito and Wilma Tiamzon, are already wary with how Sison and his cohorts had manipulated the party, especially the funds, for their own personal and selfish gains,” as Alcover added saying that his sources within the party are griping and has caused a serious rift within because of the feeling of discontent that has swept across the Maoist communist organization.


CHR Chair must resign

August 31, 2009

Chris Jhann Cordero

Commissiom on Human Rights Chair Leila de Lima

Commissiom on Human Rights Chair Leila de Lima

THE ALLIANCE for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist slammed the Commission on Human Rights’ abject failure to conduct an objective, impartial, and neutral investigation on cases brought before it.

In a privilege speech last Aug 17,  ANAD Partylist Rep. Pastor Alcover pointed to CHR Chair Leila de Lima’s quickness of response by immediately issuing statements on cases of human rights violations even if it is still in its initial phase or even there is no case yet.

Alcover pointed to the Melissa Roxas case where she issued a prejudicial statement saying, ““I wish to stress that the issue before the CHR is the alleged abduction and torture (of Roxas) and not her alleged affiliation. . . .” (pp.2, PDI, July 27) that tends to pre-empt his office’s investigation without putting Melissa’s Sworn Statement to a test on whether her allegations of abduction and torture were credible, and reliable, in the face of a letter and a VCD we received from an NPA member operating in Aurora province showing Melissa as a regular NPA member, and not a plain activist and environmental writer that she claim to be,” Alcover said.

Alcover explained that de Lima’s actuations, during a CHR hearing he attended, showed her arrogance and biases which should not be expressed in public by a chair of an independent investigating body. Alcover referring to de Lima’s answer to his question on whether she is related to Juliet de Lima, wife of Maoist communist founder Jose Ma. Sison. Instead of either admitting or denying her relation, chair de Lima instead said, “If there is a relation, does that make me a communist too?”

Pointing to the pronounced that bias and impartiality that not only taints but also besmirched CHR’s reputation and credibility to conduct a fair, impartial, objective, and neutral investigation of human rights violations, Alcover strongly called on del Lima to resign from office, “ . . . or else I will be constrained to file the appropriate administrative case or cases against her before the Ombudsman,”.

In an earlier statement, Alcover said that Filipinos cannot expect a fair, neutral, and objective investigation from a CHR chair that has been found to be notorious in issuing biased and prejudicial statements with impunity especially those that tend to support groups actively involved in the “Hate Campaign” against government and its officials.

In the same privilege speech, Alcover called on Congress to investigate, in aid of legislation, the following: a) Melissa Roxas so that she will be made to shed light on her allegation in the face of a document pointing to her as an NPA member and that her abductors were likewise NPA men out to prevent her from pushing through her decision to return to the folds of law; b) Cong. Satur Ocampo, Cong. Liza Maza, and Bayan Secretary General Renato Reyes and other persons responsible in the conceptualization and implementation of the massive “Hate Campaign” against the government with Melissa Roxas in the forefront.

“Someone must have to bear the burden and pay the price. Let the axe fall where it should. However, there are no shortcuts for all of these, the wheels and primacy of justice must continuously turn. . .” Alcover added.

Bayan Muna’s Ocampo must apologize!

August 31, 2009

Tony Abayza

THE ALLIANCE for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist expressed strong support to the call for Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo to publicly apologize for a serious act committed against them.

The call was made by the officers and men of the 10th Infantry Division, Phil. Army headed by Maj. Gen. Reynaldo Mapagu; Task Force Davao headed by Lt. Col. Oscar Lactao, and the Davao City PNP Office headed by SSupt. Ramon Apolinario after Davao City Branch 10 RTC Judge Jose Emmanuel Castillo denied the petitions for the issuance of a Writ of Amparo filed by lawyer Carlos Isagani Zarate, Angela Librado, and Elizabeth Ladaga, docketed as Special Proceeding Nos. 004-09, 005-09, and 006-09, respectively.

In House Resolution No. 1342 filed recently by ANAD Partylist Rep. Jun Alcover, the pro-democracy alliance strongly condemned the “empty” and “hearsay” allegations of Ocampo that the court explicitly turned down. It was learned that the petitions for the Writ of Amparo were rooted on Ocampo’s PowerPoint presentation material.

In a statement, Alcover said that the courts have clearly drawn the line between facts and fabricated statements. “The latter are allegations that are not substantiated or proven before the courts of law. Ocampo’s failure to prove his so-called OB list, purportedly by the military, is enough proof of the Maoist communist’s blatant, unparalleled, and devious propaganda campaign against government,” Alcover stressed.

The petitioners claimed that their name was on the military’s Order of Battle list thus their respective lives are seriously threatened. In their separate complaints, they pointed to Ocampo as the source of the information who told them that he (Ocampo) is in possession of a PowerPoint presentation on the OB list obtained by him from a “conscientious soldier.”

However, during the hearing, Ocampo failed to prove his allegation as he failed to personally testify before the court and to present the so-called “conscientious soldier.” The court stressed that Ocampo, “. . .even if he was able to personally testify (which he did not) his statement would, nevertheless, be considered as empty considering that he has no direct or personal knowledge of the authenticity of the subject “OB List”, hence whatever he says about it is hearsay.”

Alcover pointed out that Ocampo’s failure to testify was deliberate because the case was part of the Maoist communist’s grand black propaganda campaign against the military and government. “Obviously, this was intentional and calculated,” said Alcover as he reiterated his call on Ocampo to apologize to officers and men of the Phil. Army and the PNP that he willfully wronged.

DXRA massacre remembered

August 31, 2009

Art Tariman

Wreath laying during the commemoration of DXRA Massacre in Davao City. (Inset) Cong. Alcover with media personalities.

Wreath laying during the commemoration of DXRA Massacre in Davao City. (Inset) Cong. Alcover with media personalities.

ANOTHER GORY incident is commemorated. This time, thousands of Davawenos joined the Tri-Media Organization for Peace and Alliance in Mindanao (TROPA-Mindanao) in commemorating the 22nd anniversary of the so-called DXRA massacre, one of the several infamous incidents of the Maoist communist-terrorist New Peoples Army.

The DXRA massacre, last August 27, l987, resulted to the death of 9 persons namely: Leo Palo, radio commentator; his volunteer assistant Cesar Maglalang; reporter Rodjie Sagado; technician-on-board Narcing Balani; and five civilian guests. Announcer Ferdie “Batman” Lintuan survived the attack but only to be assassinated on the eve  of Christmas in 2007 after his morning radio program in Davao City.

The commemoration ceremonies held last August 27 with the theme: “Responsible Journalism Towards a Free and Peaceful Society.” was capped by a wreath laying ceremonies at the site of the incident situated within the premises of radio station DXRA, was led by ANAD Partylist Rep. Jun Alcover and Bantay Partylist Jovito Palparan Jr, and witnessed by freedom and peace loving Davawenos.

Seveeral witnesses of that incident revealed that after hitting DXRA, the armed attackers onboard a Ford Fiera-type vehicle immediately proceeded to attack DXMF-Bombo Radyo Davao Broadcast Center, then in its old site at Bajada but failed to inflict harm on anyone.

ANAD Rep. Alcover expressed dismay that human rights advocates, like Karapatan and their surrogate organizations in Davao, intentionally left out these incidents, e.g. Digos and DXRA massacres, to make ease their accusations of human rights violations against government.

“It pains me so much to hear and bear witness to these self-professed human rights advocates who continue to play deaf and dumb on atrocities committed by their cohorts in the Maoist communist organizations,” said Alcover.

Alcover called on the National Union of Journalist of the Philippines, (NUJP) to take up the cudgels and lead the all out campaign against extra-judicial killings of media practitioners. “What happened to Leo Palo and others is a blatant affront to press freedom that the NUJP, regardless of color or creed must seek justice and rise up even against Maoist communist-terrorist atrocities,” Alcover pointed out.

The day long activity was highlighted by a Multi-Sectoral Forum on Press Freedom held at the Training Center of the University of South Eastern Philippines (USEP) in Brgy. Obrero, Davao City.

ANAD Partylist Rep. Pastor M. Alcover, Jr. and Bantay Partylist Rep. Jovito S. Palparan, Jr. were the forum’s main resource persons while Bishop George Rimando-religious sector, Kagawad Nilo Abellera-LGU sector, Lt. Col Rolando Bautista-military sector, PSupt Querubin Manalang-law enforcement sector, lawyer Rene Villarente-academe sector, PIA Regional Director Efren Elbanbuena-government media sector, Engr. Josue de Villa Go-national government sector, Mr. Billy Parilla-business and civic sectors, Kagawad Halila Sudagar- youth and women sector, Brgy. Capt. Rolando Cagay-barangay sector, Datu Joel Unad- indigenous people sector, and Mr. Iglesia Ibo, Jr.-labor sector composed the panel of reactors.

NPAs told to turn over perpetrators

August 31, 2009

Toboso massacre

Maurice Tero

toboso_massacre_webIT’S NOW the turn of the Maoist communist NPA to present and turnover the perpetrators of that dastardly ambush of a government vehicle in Toboso, Negros Occidental, last July 13 killing 3 civilians, including a 14-year old student and wounding 3 other civilians.

This is the challenge posed by ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover during a march-rally held at the town’s plaza last August 13, exactly a month later.

In a statement, Frank Fernandez, a former Roman Catholic priest and NDF Negros spokesman, admitted that the NPA were responsible for the incident and asked apology from the family of the victims.

Alcover lamented that admitting responsibility and asking forgiveness does not put an end to the grizzly crime against innocent and hapless civilians but they should be made to serve penalty under our laws.

At about 7:30 am of July 23, an undetermined number of NPAs waylaid a cargo truck owned by Barangay Salamanca of Toboso killing the truck driver -Rodolfo Salipod, Ena Pata, and 14-year old Edmar Sultan. Witnesses revealed that the terrorists thought that Salamanca Barangay Chairman Eriberto Baynosa was on board the truck when they open fired at it.

Those wounded were identified as Eryl Baynosa, daughter of Eriberto; Ivy Recopelacion, and Primitivo Lumapay, a bystander.

“To appropriately compensate, even by way of morals and upholding the rule of law, Fernandez should present and turnover the perpetrators of the gory incident. With their admission, they know the identities of the perpetrators,” Alcover said

He challenged the communist-terrorist to show proof that indeed they are protectors of human rights and not coddlers of criminals. “Their continued keeping the perpetrators only shows the contrary of what they profess to be,” said Alcover.

The ANAD partylist Representatives challenged the eight pseudo partylist representatives from Bayan Muna, Anakpawis, Gabriela, and Kabataan, “To make good of their self-proclaimed advocacy of protecting every Filipinos human rights. I challenged you to condemn this vicious inhuman act committed by the NPAs in Negros Occidental. This is the only way wherein you can make good of what you profess to be,” Alcover quipped.

Kid’s life saved from rabies

August 31, 2009

CAMP KALAW, MONKAYO, COMPOSTELA VALLEY PROVINCE – Timely and immediate response ordered by Lt. Colonel Gilbert F  Saret, commanding officer of the 25IB, 10ID, PA, saved Honey May Barabad, 4 years of age of Sitio Nursery,  Barangay Ngan, Compostela, Composterla Valley province,  from death due to rabies. Upon receipt of the information, Lt. Col. Saret immediately dispatched the Research for Peace and Development team led by 1lt. Ernest Carolina to extend whatever assistance possible to help save the life of Honey May.

It was learned, last August 7, 2009 Honey May was bitten on the face by a puppy. After several days the said puppy showed deteriorating health condition and eventually died. When the 25IB troopers learned about this, Lt. Carolina made several coordinations with different organizations and public offices in search of possible sources of anti rabies vaccine to help Honey May.  The puppy was sent to Davao City Veterinarian Office for analysis and the dog tested positive of rabies last August 13.

Through the help of the soldiers, the local government of Compostela, the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office, local politicians and kind hearted civilians, various an amount of more than 15,000 worth of anti rabies vaccine was produced to save the life of Honey Mae.

This incident also heightened the awareness of the locality regarding rabies. Carolina and the rest of the Research Team for Peace and Development of the 25IB in the area conducted lectures on the prevention of similar incident to happen. At the same time, the incident also unearthed the need for the LGU to address rabies as a potent threat to the locality.

Various programs on dog vaccination and information campaign must be conducted to avoid similar incident from happening again in the future. The 25IB Research Team for Peace and Development are at present helping the Local Government of the Municipality of Compostela in the conduct of Rapid Need Assessment for projects that will alleviate the living condition of the local populace and ultimately bring development in the area. (S7,25IB, 10ID, PA)