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Rep. Alcover: Maoist terrorists caught “flagrante delicto” with their pants down!

February 22, 2010

“WHOOAAA!!! They’re caught not only with hands on their mouth but also with their pants down!” This is how the ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist describe the recent seizure of some 500 Permit to Campaign and Permit to Win cards, by elements of the 9th ID, PA, from a bag of a slain NPA rebel after an encounter in Barangay Maysuram, Caramoran, Catanduanes, last week.

“Who says that they’re not into asking Permit-to-Win (PTW) fees from overzealous candidates who wants to ensure their respective political victory in the May 2010 elections,” says ANAD Partylist Rep. Jun Alcover as he chided the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF and all of its sectoral front and pseudo partylist organizations who relentlessly denied that they’re demanding PTW fees from candidates, both in the national and local levels.

“Ironically, they are asking PTC on areas that they deceptively allude as under their control but could not even defend or protect it when engaged by state security forces. They scamper away and leave innocent civilians behind to bear the fangs and untold sacrifices brought about by their Godless ideology and insurgency against government,” Rep. Alcover quipped.

Their denial, though highly suspect and unbelievable considering their track record and temerity for lies and deceit, has once again caught up with them, yet with their pants down! The seizure of PTC and PTW cards plus the list of local candidates that already paid the fee, “Only proves that the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF are moving heaven and earth to amass millions of pesos,” said Rep. Alcover.

Echoing government’s contention on the dwindling international support to the coffers of the Maoist terrorists in the country, “Definitely they are stepping up their PTC and PTW operations to raise enough funds to fuel their insurgency,” he pointed out.

Alcover lamented enough saying that candidates, who have succumbed to the Maoist terrorist’s demand, shall be beholden to the Maoist terrorist organization once they come out victorious during the polls. “These candidates have made a mockery of our electoral process. A democratic exercise of our inherent right of suffrage which is not allowed and has never happened under communist states or system,” said Rep. Alcover, a former CPP political officer and CO in Eastern and Central Visayas.

The relationship that was triggered by the PTC and PTW does not end after the election. “This relationship would even blossom to the infiltration by some NPA and NDF cadres and personalities into the different offices of the local government units through the latter’s gainful employment, courtesy of then candidate-payor of the PTC or PTW,” he pointed out.

Rep. Alcover  called on all candidates to resist, at all cost, the PTC and PTW demands viciously demanded by the Maoist terrorists, “Lest we be engulfed, later on, in a quagmire of uncertainty and treason if we willfully give in to the unreasonable and outrageous demands by the purveyors of doom and violence,” he stressed.


NPA: Biggest private armed group!

February 22, 2010

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist strongly reiterates its call for government, through the independent commission tasked to dismantle private armies or private armed groups in the country, to give more focus on dismantling the Maoist terrorist New Peoples Army.

“They are the worst of all the private armies or private armed groups now being monitored,” said ANAD Partylist Rep. Jun Alcover.

Rep. Alcover said that the NPA, the armed group of the Maoist terrorist Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), is vigorous in intimidating and coercing helpless Filipinos in the countryside. “We have received reports detailing the actions now being perpetrated by these inhuman and violent armed group in harassing and coercing our helpless civilians in the rural areas to vote for Satur Ocampo, Liza Maza, and selected candidates for congressional and other local government elective positions,” said Rep. Alcover.

“I am deeply saddened with the fact that this independent commission is more concerned in running after the so-called private armies or armed groups of politicians but completely disregarding the continuing threat and viciousness of the NPAs,” Rep. Alcover added.

“Whether its 117, 115, or 132 private armed groups in the country today, as reported by Commissioner Dante Jimenez of the VACC, Chief Supt. Leonardo Espina of the PNP Information Office, and Defense Sec. Norberto Gonzales, respectively, is immaterial considering the fact that government could easily deal with them, in due time. But until now, government, especially the commission, is very much silent on what action to take against the NPAs,” Rep. Alcover stressed.

“In my more than 30 years of leading ANAD’s pro-democracy advocacy and covering many political exercises, it is the NPA who has wrought so much insult and disrespect on our electoral process because not only have they succeeded in coercing and threatening our people, they were able to amass hundreds of millions of pesos in their Permit to Campaign, and now their vaunted Permit to Win operations, all throughout,” Alcover explained.

“It is high time that government should now act on this. It is not yet late, with still about 4 months to go before the May 10 elections, for the commission to decisively and convincingly act against the inhuman and violent NPA’s havoc,” Rep. Alcover said.

Jalandoni: A former priest and an unrelenting liar!

February 22, 2010


INDEED, Luis Jalandoni is hallucinating with his mouth profusely spewing lies yet without remorse! His latest statement decrying (sic!!!) the alleged violations by the Armed Forces of the Philippines on the rights of Elizalde Cañete, aka Jinggoy, leader of  the Sub Regional Guerilla Unit 3, Southern Mindanao Regional Committee of the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF, definitely is one for the books as it vividly shows Jalandoni’s astuteness and  callousness.

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist strongly condemns Jalandoni’s twisted and malicious statement which is totally bereft of truth and of facts. Lamentable is the swiftness of his invoking the International Humanitarian Law to their benefit and purpose. This is in stark contrast to his deafening silence on the merciless murders, extortion activities, harassments, and intimidations perpetrated by the of Maoist terrorist NPAs against innocent Filipinos and legitimate businesses.

ANAD wishes to stress that Ka Jinggoy’s rights were never violated! From the combat area, Special Forces soldiers of the 10th ID brought the seriously wounded Ka Jinggoy to the Camp Panacan Hospital for medical treatment. Noble were the soldiers’ intention – – – – to save Ka Jinggoy’s life!

Each and every officer and soldier of the Armed Forces of the Philippines is duty bound to uphold each and every Filipino’s dignity and value of human life. This is very well shown in the case of Ka Jinggoy. Thus prompting the latter to openly and willfully manifest his choice to stay inside Camp Panacan Navy Hospital rather than be brought back to the Davao Medical Center.

This Ka Jinggoy made to Regional Trial Court-11 Executive Judge Hilarion Capis Jr., in front of his lawyers, his mother and sister, and members of Karapatan.

Glaring is Jalandoni’s demented, brutally abusive, and guile as he twisted the facts when he said, in his statement, that the military forcibly transferred Ka Jinggoy from the Davao Medical Center to the military hospital inside Camp Panacan.

Unequivocally, Jalandoni’s statement shows his cunningness and the lies that he feverishly wanted to feed on the innocent minds of Filipinos purposely to cover for their misdeeds.

The Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF is so much worried that Ka Jinggoy shall “spill the beans” on the inhuman and violent activities that the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF has committed against the peace-loving Filipinos. Definitely the Maoist terrorists, which Jalandoni is strongly championing, would want to silence him.

Ka Jinggoy’s insistence to remain inside Camp Panacan Naval Hospital, while recuperating from his wounds, is proof enough that his life and security is more assured, and secured inside the military facility rather than when he is brought outside, as what Jalandoni wanted Filipinos and the international community of nations to believe.

ANAD hits Protestant Church’s intervention

February 19, 2010

morong43“This is a blatant and unwarranted intervention to muddle the issue of the Morong 43,” said ANAD Partylist Rep. Jun Alcover as he chided Rev. Sandra Richards and her United Methodist Church delegation for falling into the complex web of lies, deception, and black propaganda waged by the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF against government.

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist describe as canard and glaring machinations waged by the National United Front Commission (NUFC) of the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF to bring the case of the Morong 43 to the international community of nations.

“But what is condemnable is the fact that these international organizations, like the one headed by Rev. Richards, have done nothing to protect the rights of innocent Filipinos who have fallen victims of brutal murders, extortions, harassments, and intimidations of the NPA,” Alcover pointed out.

“The allegations that the military had violated the rights of the 43 NPAs cum health trainees detained at Camp Capinpin are sheer fabrications,” said Rep. Alcover even as he accused those engaged in the cover-up as maliciously waging attacks against government to shield their comrades with the hope of springing them out of detention.

Rep. Alcover pointed out that the detainees’ admission that they were given humane treatment during detention is sufficient proof of the real situation and conditions of their detention. “Yet, the legal and sectoral front organizations are heavily engrossed in black propaganda to twist the truth in order to caution the adverse impact that the arrest have inflicted on their organization,” said Rep. Alcover.

Rep. Alcover, a former NPA political and commanding officer, admitted that the capture of the Morong 43 by government security forces was a heavy blow, though temporary, on Maoist terrorist movement. “Naturally, they (Maoist terrorists) will do the utmost, even calling on their comrades in the international community to help them,” he added.

“I challenge Rev. Richards to also bring to the attention of Sen. Barbara Boxer and Rep. Loretta Sanchez, both of California, and Sen. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii the issue of the unabated and merciless murders and extortions perpetrated by the inhuman and violent terrorist New Peoples Army; and the continued deception and lies waged by the sectoral front and pseudo partylist organizations under the CPP-NPA-NDF. If this is not done, it would only show the biases of Rev. Richards’s group against government and an open expression that their organization and that of the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF are one,” Rep. Alcover stressed.

On the other hand, reacting to the statements of NP presidentiable Manny Villar and independent presidential candidate Nicanor Perlas, Rep. Alcover said, “It is understandable for Villar and Perlas to issue statements on this issue considering the onset of the election fever and their being hard-pressed to get votes of the communists.”

A serious Maoist terrorist’s folly!

February 18, 2010

THERE IS no definite and clear picture on the desires of the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF to resume or not the often stalled peace talks with the government. This is because, more than ever, they constantly indulge in “saber-rattling” to gain media mileage.

The latest information being circulated through media is one that should not be given too much attention and focus if the Maoist terrorist organization continue with their “double-edged sword” tactic on the issue of the peace talks.

The 41-years of Maoist terrorist insurgency produced nothing but more hardships and abysmal burdens to the Filipino people and country. Name calling, e.g. lame duck regime, psywar tactics, and others, tends to confuse our people instead of setting off to a right course towards our country’s peace and stability.

Fidel Agcaoili’s statement and rhetoric is full of trash and is reminiscent of the Maoist communist’s strategy and tactics of yore.  What does he mean by fake local peace talks conducted with, and dole outs by local government personalities, military/police to local terrorist personalities and groups?

So much exasperation and sacrifice did government make so that peace would reign back in our country. But this is matched by the Maoist terrorists’ penchant for lies and deceit, insincerity and double-talk that have grossly marred several attempts for its resumption.

Whether Joma is no longer the revered leader of the Maoist aggrupation or that the couple Benito and Wilma Tiamzon is now in control and holding reins of leadership of the Maoist terrorist organization is wholly immaterial and non-essential to ANAD Partylist.

Putting forward incongruous demands which government could not ably respond is synonymous to shutting the doors for peace, after all. No one but the courts could only resolve issues on the future of their comrades are respondents in several criminal cases before the courts of law.

There is no special treatment readily offered for anyone. But glib-tongued Maoist terrorist black propagandists could easily munch words to put government on the spot and always at the receiving end of their bare-faced chicanery.

What insinuation are they talking about? Revival of Peace Talks? How can government seriously discuss the prospects of peace with a group who doesn’t believe in peace as it constantly and abusively manipulate conditions for their advantage? How serious are the Maoist terrorists in discussing the  possibility of resuming the talks when the NDFP (left arm), aptly playing its role, spew lies and deceit against government negotiators and the Filipino people; and at the same time their armed terrorist NPA (right arm), continues to wreck havoc in the countryside?

In this situation, it is practically talking peace with an M-16 rifle pointed against our back and those of government negotiators, or a dagger visibly hanging above the heads and neck of GRP negotiators.

Before any discussion for the resumption of the talks is made, ANAD believes that fair play and equitable opportunities must abound among contending parties. While government has already shown and bended too much to accommodate the demands of the other party, it is rightful and just that the Maoist terrorists must do their share to establish an atmosphere that is jointly conducive to reach out for that elusive peace.

In order for the peace talks to resume, ANAD strongly reiterates our demand that:

  1. The Central Committee of the Maoist terrorists CPP-NPA-NDF shall order the NPA to lay down their arms, and return to their respective camps.
  2. The same Central Committee shall immediately issue an order for the  cessation of all offensive operations against government facilities, security installations, and even civilian organizations and personalities;

This is an initial step but very much desired by the Filipino people as it ensures our country’s march towards peace, development, stability, and total reconciliation.

Anything short of this is unacceptable and would definitely show the wily and astute character that Maoist terrorists, including those in the sectoral front and pseudo partylist organizations, are made of.

Surely, ANAD maintains that this is but another of the Maoist terrorists’ folly.

ANAD decries Duterte’s “dictatorship” in Davao City!

February 17, 2010

“Instead of upholding the rule of law, Davao City is ruled by the iron hands of its leader!” This is reaction of the ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist to the unnumbered Davao City Sanggunian Panglungsod resolution, passed last February 2, 2010, declaring ANAD Partylist Rep. Pastor “Jun” Alcover Jr. and Rep. Jovito Palparan Jr. of Bantay Partylist as the city’s PERSONA NON GRATA.

ANAD decries the unilateral and unjustifiable action of the city’s legislative body when it discussed and approved the resolution without holding an investigation to hear the side of Representatives Alcover and Palparan on the alleged information published in a local newspaper, Mindanao Daily Mirror. “This is serious as it clearly shows what kind of leadership Davao City has under the stewardship of City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Definitely, the hands of Mayor Duterte is visible on this,” said Rep. Alcover as he slammed Duterte of using force and intimidation with impunity against his own people.

“We stand by our position that indeed the killing spree in Davao City, from the l980’s when the Maoist terrorist used the city as a laboratory for urban insurrection and sparrow unit liquidation, continued under the present administration of Mayor Duterte,” Rep. Alcover pointed out.

Records vividly showed that the spate of murders never stopped nor where these resolved and justice given to the victims’ families mainly because of the city leadership’s abject failure, intentional or otherwise, to address the same. “Contrary to reports that the NPA was responsible in the treacherous murder of anti-communist leader and broadcaster Jun Pala, ANAD is aware who the real mastermind is. I challenge Mayor Duterte to come out into the open and tell the Filipino people, especially his constituents in Davao City, who planned and ordered Pala’s murder!” Alcover said. Rep. Alcover clarified saying, “This is the only way where Digong Duterte could cleanse his name from the incident. But he should not do what Pontius Pilate did to our Lord, Jesus Christ!”

Until today, Davao City is very popular throughout the country as a haven of Maoist terrorist partisan liquidation and activities. “Why is this so? If Mayor Duterte is really true and faithful to his oath of office, he could easily and effectively rid the city of Maoist terrorists. But the exact opposite is what happened! This is the main reason why ANAD, as it seeks to advance its advocacy, is in Davao City again,” Rep. Alcover stressed.