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Palatino must first bare himself out before opening his feminist mouth!

March 27, 2010

“He should distinguish himself first before opening his big mouth,” said Rep. Jun Alcover of the Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist as he chided Rep. Raymond Palatino of Kabataan Partylist, a surrogate of the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF, for accusing 38 Comelec-accredited Partylist organizations as “clones” and funded by Malacañang.

“This is an old issue that was already buried deep by the Commission on Election. Yet, Rep. Palatino wanted to resurrect it, not for anything else but to gain propaganda mileage,” said Rep. Alcover.

The pro-democracy Representative challenged Palatino to bare out the real character, profile, and sources of funds that Kabataan Partylist and other Maoist communist terrorist pseudo Partylist organizations stands on. “One cannot just easily accuse anyone of anything if his or her real persona is beclouded with serious doubts as to its real intentions and agenda,” said Rep. Alcover.

Rep. Alcover slammed Palatino and other Maoist terrorist personalities for hounding so much and taking on President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in its campaign against government. “Instead of heaping unwanted criticisms and spewing innuendoes against an outgoing President, they should have come out with the truth and facts about their respective intentions so that the Filipino people will know and be able to give a better choice during the May 10 elections,” Rep. Alcover pointed out.

The ANAD Partylist Congressman expressed his lamentations saying, “Knowing them from head to toe, they would not admit the following: a) that they are communists; and b) that their real intentions is the destruction of our democratic ideals and institutions,” he explained.

Rep. Alcover decried Palatino and the Kabataan Partylist’s arrogant and violent character while at the office of CHED, at the campus of PUP-Sta. Mesa, and inside UP-Diliman. “They are showing their real character. The Filipinos, as God-fearing and law abiding people, are witnesses to the rowdy and hoodlum-like character of the youth organizations under the Maoist terrorist National Democratic Front, like Kabataan Partylist, AnakBayan, LFS, SAMASA-PUP, and others whose penchant for violence is more pronounced rather than making use of the legal and peaceful remedies provided by our statutes,” he added.


Government action is most wanted!

March 26, 2010

The Maoist communist terrorist’s inspired insurgency seems insurmountable and unshakeable! This is the picture purposely painted by the bearers of doom and destruction. But the Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist strongly does not agree with this hypothesis and insinuation.

From their unpopular and doomed “Protracted Peoples War” covering some 41 years, the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF is now engrossed in parliamentary (political) struggle with the same vigor and purpose: To kick-out the country’s democratic and free government, and replace the same with their own Communist Dictatorship!

The region’s longest insurgency is turning its ugly fangs and is strongly on its way using parliamentary struggle with the communist-terrorist’s primus apostate Satur Ocampo on the lead, and the communist-terrorist’s organizations and personalities, stingily in tow, hell bent in seeking the destruction of our country’s democracy and freedom.

Why is this so? The most and very sensible answer is the unstinted support extended by local government chief executives to the Maoist terrorist effort. The 2010 election campaign is proof enough of the unholy alliance between these two entities.

ANAD Partylist is saddened by the fact that these local chief executives are dealing with Maoist terrorist NPA henchmen, through the NDF’s “white area” operators. Permit to Campaign (PTC) or the vaunted Permit to Win (PTW) is but an “Icing on the cake”!

Their unrelenting and sustained working relationship, e.g. employment of NPA regulars and NDF personalities in the LGUs; logistical support by way of government money, food, materials, and the use of government vehicles and facilities; and their clandestine meetings (held regularly), clearly far outweighs the loyalty of these LGU officials towards our country’s duly constituted government as compared to that they willfully extend to the Maoist terrorist organization.

Glaring is the fact that these LGU officials use Maoist terrorist NPA’s hit teams to protect and preserve their political aspirations, at all cost. The case and situation in Davao City with Mayor Rodrigo Duterte obviously giving directions; in Surigao del Norte and Surigao City; Surigao del Sur; in the Bicol, Southern Tagalog,  Eastern and Western Visayas Regions, all will bear us out.

No amount of AFP and PNP effort could effectively stifle or even stunt the Maoist terrorist’s game plan if the national government, through the Department of Interior and Local Government, deliberately refuse to wield and show real authority against erring local government unit and officials, particularly those who have positively been proven to be coddlers of terrorist and the so-called enemies of the state. On the latter, there is no denying that it is TREASON!

More than the majority of about 95 million Filipinos still deserve government action of the LGU officials’ blatant display of highly treasonable disservice to our people. On the score, government’s inaction could definitely spell doom for our country’s freedom, democratic institutions, and peace. A decision must be made with expediency!

“Failure of election” scenario, a devil’s work!

March 25, 2010

“Obviously there is an orchestrated move to drumbeat the ‘failure of election’ scenario for malicious and vicious ends,” said ANAD Partylist Rep. Jun Alcover in reaction to  published stories that the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) strongly believes that a failure of election, during the May 10 polls, is imminent.

The lone pro-democracy advocate Representative member of the Lower House describe this move as expressly calibrated and tainted with ill-will and motives because they based their sentiments on highly speculative conditions and assumptions.

“One cannot make accurate outlook on any scenario if their information is based on assumptions and highly suspect conditions and sources,” said Rep. Alcover.

Bishop Deogracias Yniguez’ statement is way out of line, so to speak, said Rep. Alcover, “As a shepherd of the Roman Catholic faith, he should have lent his hand, in whatever way possible, to ensure the success of the country’s first automated polls. Instead, Bishop Yniguez is so much engrossed in conditioning the minds of our people on the bleak portents that would happen during the polls,” he added.

“What he is doing is pure and outright disservice to his church and flock as this plainly speaks out sheer demagoguery with no other purpose but to sow confusion and misunderstanding among Filipinos,” Rep. Alcover pointed out.

In calling on Filipinos to continue to have faith in our government’s democratic institutions, “Change and reforms shall not be forthcoming nor shall happen if leaders of groups, to include the Church, openly profess confusion and hate rather than understanding, and division rather than unity. These are downright unchristian and clearly shows the intentions and designs of the devil,” Alcover said.

ANAD: PUP incident is barefaced hooliganism!

March 20, 2010

“They’re a bunch of hoodlums!” This aptly describes the leaders and members of the SAMASA-PUP after they destroyed the state university’s properties as a sign of protest against tuition fee increases.

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist strongly denounce and condemns the searing destruction of many school equipments at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Sta. Mesa Campus by communist-student front organization: SAMASA-PUP as a show of vehement opposition to the tuition increase.

“Under our country’s vibrant democracy, protests are healthy signs that indeed freedom and people’s rights are aptly guaranteed. But destroying government properties is wholesale and brazen display of hooliganism and smacks deep against regular norms of civility and the usual expression of intellectual capabilities,” said Rep. Jun Alcover as he called on the state university’s officials to impose sanctions on erring student leaders.

“The state university is funded out of government taxes pursuant to every Filipinos’ aspiration of obtaining quality education. Forcing any issue through the destruction of public property is too much and must be condemned by the Filipino people whose interest had been greatly insulted by the unflinching demagoguery of Maoist terrorist doctrines,” said Rep. Alcover.

“Definitely, this is not a slip but an intentional display of arrogance and fiery hate, the hallmark of Maoist terrorist character and thinking,” explained Rep. Alcover as he ponders deeply and reminiscing his 10-year stint with the violent and inhuman Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF in the Visayas.

Contrary to what these sectoral front organizations had been professing, claiming to represent and advocate, “The Filipino people cannot expect any thing good out of these groups. They must be wholly condemned and opposed by freedom-loving Filipinos whose noble desire of providing better education to our children had been blatantly forsaken by the violence and utter display of bullying perpetrated by SAMASA-PUP,” Rep. Alcover stressed.

“Government and the administration of PUP must act appropriately and with expediency to weed out and protect our country’s state educational institutions from sycophants’ and bearers of evil and doom,” Rep. Alcover added.

ANAD hits SPARU murder of soldier

March 18, 2010

“They are now showing their true color and character!” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover as he slammed the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF for their persistent lies and deception spread throughout the country and people.

Rep. Alcover was reacting to the high despicable and treacherous manner in murdering Cpl. Benjie Hupayan, of the 10th MIB, yesterday. “Going to visit his ailing wife, after receiving a text message, Cpl. Hupayan was waylaid, without mercy and without any human consideration, in Lasang Village, Bunawan District, Davao City,” he added.

“This is highly outrageous and deserves the people’s strongest condemnation because this clearly shows the Maoist terrorist NPA’s utter disregard for human life and total absence of any humane consideration,” Rep. Alcover explained as he extended ANAD’s condolences to the bereaved family of Cpl. Hupayan and to the others who have fallen victims to the violent, inhuman, and treacherous actions perpetrated by the Maoist terrorist NPA.

Meanwhile, Rep. Alcover deplored the brazen inconsistencies in separate statements issued by the different Maoist terrorist NPA’s with regards to their implementation of the so-called Permit to Campaign extortion schemes, in the country.

Rep. Alcover issued this statement denouncing as mischievous Samuel Naogsan’s recent statement allowing free political campaign for candidates, in alleged NPA controlled areas, without the need of making prior payment of PTC fees.

“Saying that coordination between the group of candidates and the terrorists is highly suspect because this is outright circumventing the CHR advisory against the NPA’s PTC scheme,” said Rep. Alcover. He pointed out that coordination could mean that still forced collection of monies and goods could exacted by these terrorists in exchange for allowing a candidate to campaign.

“While Naogsan’s recent statements requires very close observation by authorities, other NPA units in Mindanao and the Visayas continue to vociferously enforce their outrageous PTC extortion schemes to a point of threatening local candidates of bodily harm if the terrorist’s demand is turned down,” Rep. Alcover explained.

He urged the government, particularly the AFP and the PNP, to conduct sustained and stringent pre-emptive combat patrols in areas where Maoist terrorist presence are monitored. “This is the only way where government can show to all that it is still in control and holds the authority in the country,” Rep. Alcover stressed.

An urgent challenge poised on the CHR!

March 15, 2010


At least, the Commission on Human Rights, particularly its chairperson Leila de Lima, has already awaken from deep slumbers and is now facing reality when it describe the Maoist terrorist’s Permit to Campaign scheme as “ a form of extortion” and deeply cuts into and violates every Filipinos’ constitutional guarantees on human and political rights.

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist has seen through the seeming brightening of the once tempestuous horizons when in no certain terms when CHR’s Human Rights Advisory: CHR (IV) A2010-002 issued last February 25, 2010, castigated the Maoist terrorists NPA when it said, “The Permit to Campaign Scheme which, in plain language, is a form of extortion being perpetrated by the New Peoples Army and other non-state actors, is repugnant, in all possible ways, to valued human rights principles and standards, not only candidates and political parties, but of the individual voters as well.”

True enough has the writhing pain, long endured by the victims of this unabated extortion scheme, wrought untold damage not only on our people’s rights but on other forms of businesses that were forcibly been victims of Maoist terrorist extortion with impunity and violence.

Now must the CHR spell out the long sought declaration on the inhuman and violent extortion activities continuously inflicted by the same Maoist terrorist group on all businesses and individuals, particularly those in the countryside.

They have been milked to the hilt yet under the pains of death and all other forms of violence if they refuse to accede to the terrorist’s demands. Indeed it would be an embarrassing shame and a complete disservice to our country and people, if the Commission on Human Rights simply restrict themselves to the forthcoming electoral process by solely hitting on the NPA’s Permit to Campaign, Permit to Win, and Permit to Post Posters extortion schemes while leaving altogether the issue on the other extortion activities perpetrated by the same group, e.g. revolutionary taxes, revolutionary royalty fees, etc!

What about the merciless murders perpetrated by the violent Maoist terrorist NPA against helpless and innocent civilians? What about the Maoist terrorists’ use of minors in combat or combat support, and the use of lowly village people as a shield as they scamper away from pursuing government security forces? Can we afford to just close our eyes and say nothing about it?

At least the first step on the PTC has been made. But the next series of steps bears the same urgency and immediacy that the Commission on Human Rights should not disregard, turn their heads away from, and purposely leave out.