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Petition to nullify 2nd list of ANAD nominees filed

April 30, 2010

Desperate obsession. For grounds of malice against a pro-democratic organization, David Odilao (besides Cong. Jun Alcover, during ANAD’s 2009 National Convention for selection of nominees) could now wish his congressional obsession goodbye. Vicious acts committed by Odiao only makes his long cherished political ambition a wishful thinking. (fta)

To protect the name and integrity of the organization and its members, the ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist, last April 28, 2010, filed a petition asking the Commission on Elections to issue an Order/Resolution declaring as void and with no legal force and effect the Certificates of Nomination and Acceptance of the 2nd list of ANAD nominees, filed last March 25, 2010; and to delist the same from the Comelec’s official list of Partylist organizations participating in the Partylist System for  the May 10 elections.

In ANAD’s Petition, prepared by Atty. Rolando Cipriano and signed by ANAD national president Domingo Balang, it described the 2nd list of ANAD nominees as a product of an illegal act of a group skillfully orchestrated by David Odilao Jr., the aforesaid list’s 1st nominee.

In a Resolution unanimously approved during ANAD’s National Council Meeting last Feb. 14, 2010, in Cebu City, Odilao Jr.; Paul Gabunales, ANAD Vice President for Luzon; and Ferdie Maigue, a staff of ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover were expelled from the pro-democracy organization for grounds of insubordination, abandonment of duties, misfeasance and malfeasance in their respective services. All this constitute acts inimical to the best interest of the pro-democracy alliance..

Also, ANAD official records showed that the other nominees: Leoborio Jangao, Alexander Canonigo, Bernard Mabbagu, and Herminigildo Gonzaga are not in its official Roster of Members.

“It is very clear that ANAD 2nd list of nominees is composed of persons who are not bonafide members of the pro-democracy alliance,” said Rep. Jun Alcover.

The 2nd list of Nominees with their alleged corresponding Certificate of Acceptance is borne out of ill-will and full of malice. “Besides, how can they allege holding a General Membership Assembly, on March 7, 2010 in Dona Petra, Tumana, Marikina City when the ANAD’s Constitution and By-Laws clearly provides only of holding a National Congress to decide on policy matters of the organization,” Rep. Alcover. “In ANAD’s Constitution and By-Laws, one cannot find the words – – General Membership Assembly. This makes the Odilao Jr. and Gabunales led group bogus, altogether,” he added.

ANAD’s national officers describe Odilao Jr. and Gabunales’ action as a desperate act to get even with ANAD and to serve Odilao’s long cherished obsession of rubbing elbows with the country’s legislators in the hallowed halls of the House of Representatives.

“We call on the collective wisdom of the Commissioners of the Commission on Elections not to disparage themselves by the vicious and malicious acts of pretenders whose sole motivation is selfishness coupled with their constant delusion of grandeur,” Rep. Alcover pointed out.


ANAD decries NPA’s treachery in Baras, Rizal

April 21, 2010

Sheer savagery and utter disregard to the established international conventions of war aptly describes the treacherous murders of 4 police officers, all members of the PNP’s 3rd Special Action Battalion, by Maoist terrorist NPA rebels in Barangay Kaysakat, Baras, Rizal, Tuesday morning (April 20).

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist strongly condemns this incident as another outrageous, despicable, and inhuman display by Maoist terrorists rebels who blatantly and without remorse, use the internationally banned Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in pursuit of their anti-government activities.

“The deaths of Police Officers 1 Jesus Moral, Clifford Bacwaden, Johnald Tapitan and Ramil Badungon and the wounding of PO1s Idris Madjaluddin, Ronnie Baroga, Arvin Infanta and Lito Pabliing and PO2 Joey Mangawit vividly shows the real intentions and character of the Maoist terrorist ideology and organization,” said Rep. Jun Alcover as he strongly condemned all of the blatant and treachery-tainted Maoist terrorist operations, especially this particular incident.

The policemen were responding to reports from barangays residents on the presence of armed Maoist terrorists in the area. “An official and legitimate action by government law enforcement units who were waylaid by the bearers of destruction and the devil’s pallbearers,” said Rep. Alcover.

Rep. Alcover slammed the Maoist terrorists’ propensity to use internationally prohibited war materiel, make booming calls for the protection of human rights, and denounce government for its failure to provide adequate support to the underprivileged sectors of the community, especially the poor. “But what is happening is a litany of sordid incidents where the self-acclaimed do-gooders sheepishly practice the exact opposite of what they have mouthed and proclaimed. It’s unfortunate that these bearers of doom continue to prey on hapless Filipinos to feed on their greed and demonic obsessions,” Rep. Alcover explained.

“The pro-democracy organization shares the grief and extends our condolences to the family of the murdered police officers. We take their deaths as some of a pill that would strengthen our resolve to push further and pursue our peaceful pro-democracy campaign against the vicious, violent, and deceptions wrought by the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF,” Rep. Alcover added.

Rep. Alcover called on all peace and freedom loving Filipinos to rally behind our threatened freedoms and democratic ideals. “We should stand solid as we confront squarely the Maoist terrorists’ enigma whose only language speaks well of death and violence,” he stressed.

A call for unity amidst our guarded peace!

April 20, 2010

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist strongly condemns the veiled threat issued by the self-acclaimed NPA National Operations Command, dated March 8, 2010, even as it describe it as an open declaration to wipe out all anti-Maoist terrorist organizations and personalities to ensure electoral victories of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and other national and local candidates the group openly endorsed and supported in the run-up towards the May 10 elections.

ANAD Partylist cannot take this threat by simply sitting down. The statement is not a just a warning but an undeniable marching order to Maoist terrorist NPA units in Southern Mindanao and other areas under the Mindanao Commission or KOMMID not only to harass and intimidate hapless Filipinos, especially in the countryside, but to murder those who are unsupportive to their demonic ideology and cause.

This is a situation where freedom-loving Filipinos should not countenance or express complacency. Clearly mentioning ANAD Partylist, especially Rep. Jun Alcover and any of its national, regional staff officers and men, as targets of this inhuman and despicable order is not just a cause for us to worry; but come out with even a stronger position.

There is a saying that goes – – “A tooth for a tooth, and eye for an eye!” This is not among the often used words laid out in ANAD Partylist’s objectives and avowals.

Nevertheless, in the world where survival would reign supreme over calmness and perversity, ANAD shares the same view and deserves the use of the jargon supposedly sounded only the jungle where survival is always the end game.

ANAD takes on the challenge poised by the Godless and violent Maoist terrorist NPA and its surrogate organizations in the legal arena, under the NDF. But we cannot let down our sworn advocacy of peace, freedom, democracy, and the rule of law as we continue to wage our peaceful campaign against the violent and inhuman ideology of the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF.

We clearly warn those in the Maoist terrorist organizations not to start a vicious and violent desecration of human life! ANAD Partylist officers and members will not take any incident, initiated by the Godless Maoist terrorists, sitting down.

On the same plain do we state clearly that ANAD Partylist cannot prevent any of its members and supporters to take up arms and make an equal, even more forceful, counter-action against any of the Maoist terrorist’s legal personalities visible and identified in the community.

While we strongly abhor the use of force against anybody, ANAD Partylist is forced to a condition where one’s survival is of primacy over all other consideration.

We make this call to those whose love for peace, freedom and democracy still remain supreme in their inner sanctum, to come out and join our peaceful campaign against the violent, inhuman, and evil ideology of the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF now poised against us.

In unity there is strength! In unity we can muster enough force to confront and oppose the devious intentions of the demagogues and bearers of war and conflict.

Marine Col. Querubin should now quit the NP or be a disgrace to his former military unit

April 17, 2010

“There is no other way but to go by the still accepted norm – palabra de honor,” said ANAD Partylist Rep. Jun Alcover as he called on NP senatoriable Col. Ariel Querubin, to leave the Nacionalista Party now that the alliance between Villar’s Party and the CPP-NPA-NDF is more than just a run-off-the mill story.

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist expressed surprise on Querubin’s statement  saying that the pervading poverty is one of the major problems causing many to join the rebel movements, both in the communist-terrorist and from the organization that he once belonged, “This is the same old line being mouthed by the communist-terrorists to poison the minds of our people. Now I am hearing this from a be-medaled officer who swore to defend our country and people from anyone who threatens our democratic ideals and free institutions,” said Rep. Alcover.

“They are singing the same song that I was once adept to sing in the mountains. What happened to Col. Querubin?” said Rep. Alcover as he challenged the Medal of Valor awardee to leave the NP in the aftermath of Jose Ma. Sison’s open declaration of support towards Villar and the NP’s political aspirations. “How can one explain Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza’s presence in the NP senatorial slate and the bamboozling and intimidation now being rammed on hapless Filipinos in the countryside by terrorist NPA units for them to support Ocampo, Maza, and Villar’s political intentions. Simple and undeniable is the fact that there is an existing alliance between the Villar’s NP and Sison’s Maoist terrorist organization. Has Col. Qureubin forgotten the aged-old adage that goes – One has to bite the bullet just to survive?” he added.

“Does Col. Querubin believe that the Maoist terrorist chief demagogue’s endorsement would come without any consideration? If yes, then this makes him one of the ignoramuses that abounds. Is Col. Querubin just simply playing coy for no other purpose but his selfish-personal interest,” Rep. Alcover added.

“If he still has that solid principle and honor of a soldier in arms, especially as an officer of the highly-respected Phil. Marines, I challenge him to do the honorable thing – – leave the Nacionalista Party,” he explained.

“Rather than be a disgrace to his former military unit, Col. Querubin’s leaving the NP is the most auspicious and noble thing to do to save and preserve the honor code and integrity of the unit that he once belonged,” Rep. Alcover pointed out.

Rev. Quiboloy must apologize!

April 12, 2010

"Self-styled" son of god now embracing satan?

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist had been in receipt of many text messages urging ANAD Partylist Rep. Jun Alcover to immediately cease from criticizing Rev. Apollo Quiboloy.

These text messages are sent to us with no other purpose but to pressure ANAD’s leadership into putting the brakes in our reactions to Rev. Quiboloy’s tirade against our organization, which we believe are without basis and untruthful.

Why are we called on to stop making statement to Rev. Quiboloy’s false accusations? Is it fair to paint our organizations, much less Rep. Alcover, as irritants to the people of Davao City and thus must immediately leave the city?

To our chagrin, ANAD felt not only insulted but worst was the insinuation that we are the bearers and cause of trouble that now has befallen the city. To our surprise, despite Rev. Quiboloy’s innuendoes, which we thought was tailored-cut to please Digong Duterte, he was very silent and intentionally closed his eyes to the many Dabaweños, including children, who were mercilessly slaughtered by the iron-fist brand of leadership employed by City Mayor Duterte’s more than a decade’s reign to terror.

ANAD’s pro-democracy advocacy is meticulously anchored on a milieu to foster and promote peace, preservation and protection of human life, and in the promotion of our people’s freedom and democratic ideals. In the more than 20 years of our group’s hard earned campaign, never was there an instance where even one life was wasted. This is in stark contrast to what is happening in Davao City, which Rev. Quiboloy has been proud of and mouthed to high heavens!

Not only this but Rev. Quiboloy, a self-acclaimed “Son of God” chose to sing and dance with a surrogate of Satan in the person of Mayor Digong Duterte, who is widely reported in media as saying that he will go to the extent of embracing Satan just to win the May 2010 election.

Rev. Quiboloy should have known, considering his vast network of sources in the city, despite the arrogance and bamboozling that ANAD got from the city leadership including its declaration of Rep. Alcover as persona non grata, ANAD mounted peaceful protests in front of city hall and even entering Maoist terrorist dominions like Paguibato, Calinan, and Toril Districts. All these were made because of our love for freedom, peace, and upholding the democratic ideals that our forebears had fought and died for.

For all the insults and pain that Rev. Quiboloy has heaped on our organization, we will not stop from exposing his devious alliances with the “surrogate of Satan” until he issues a public statement asking apology for the pains and insults that he has caused to ANAD Partylist.

Our demand is just fair. You hurled insults against us through media, and it is but right to make amends and apologize through the same medium. ANAD Partylist cannot accept any thing short of this.

ANAD: Self-styled “Son of God” dancing the tango with the “demon”

April 9, 2010

The slew of black propaganda is now heaped against the pro-democracy ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist. This is the reaction of ANAD Partylist Rep. Jun Alcover as he pointed to the rush of anti-ANAD propaganda, not only in Davao City but even through national media.

“What surprises me most is the statement of made Rev. Apollo Quiboloy, describing ANAD and BANTAY Partylist as irritants to the city and asking us to leave Davao City,” said Rep. Alcover. “Since when did ANAD engage in the use of force or violence to impose its will and advocacy on Filipinos?” said Rep. Alcover as he chided Quiboloy for coming out with statement without seriously studying its consequences.

“We maintain that ANAD’s real intention is for peace and the real democratic ideals to reign back in the country, particularly Davao City. In pursuit of our peaceful campaign of education on the evils wrought by Maoist communist terrorism, our track record and facts would show that many of our members and leaders were victims to the violent Maoist terrorist ideology, as very well shown in the recent Davao incidents; but not a single life was wasted by ANAD,” Alcover explained.

“A supposedly man of God is now supporting Duterte who was quoted in Davao media reports saying that he would embrace Satan just to win the forthcoming elections,” said Rep. Alcover pointing to the supposedly great divide between good and evil, a supposedly man of God against a devilish being. However, recent developments showed they have joined forces to ease out a group espousing love of God, peace, freedom, upholding the rule of law, and real people’s rights.

“Where does Pastor Quiboloy really stand? Where his eyes closed when more than a thousand of people were killed or murdered in Davao City simply because of the City Mayor Duterte’s obsession to bring back peace to the city?” Rep. Alcover quipped.

“Now it seems that in Davao City, the self-styled Son of God is now dancing the tango with the surrogate of Satan,” Rep. Alcover said.

In urging the people to distinguish right from wrong and to make a choice either for real peace, restoring people’s rights, love of God or joining the demonic works, Rep. Alcover said, “Let us be careful for we may stumble upon devouring wolves dressed in sheep’s skin. A lip service by a self-acclaimed Son of God to please a group known to be unwavering adherents of the devil’s work must be clearly discerned and identified by people who are true believers of God and of peace,” he added.