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Even fighting cocks are not spared by the Maoist terrorists!

May 31, 2010

“Even fighting cocks are not spared by Maoist terrorist NPA’!” This is ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist’s reaction to published reports that Maoist terrorist took away 19 fighting cocks after raiding the cock farm of Miguel Sola in Sitio Acapulco, Barangay Mahalang, Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental in the evening of May 7, 2010 (PD, Visayas Section, May 08, 2010).

“This is something that the Filipino people must be wary about because this particular turn of event carries along bleak portents in the 41-years of Maoist terrorism against government and the Filipino people,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover as he chided the self-proclaimed “protectors of the people” that they now have turned themselves into cunning bandits serving their own selfish motives.

ANAD does not see any reason why fighting cocks are now part of the extortion scheme employed by Maoist terrorist except that they are now feeling the pains of hunger and want after years of evading relentless pursuit operations by government security forces. “This clearly shows the human downside of Maoist terrorists who had been victims of too much abuse by their own leaders in terms of logistics and personnel support,” said Rep. Alcover as he pondered on his 10-years with the underground Maoist terrorist organization in the provinces of Region 8 and 7, in the Visayas.

“The truth of the matter is that while the lowly ‘red warrior’ wallow in hunger, mosquito bites, and the coldness of the night, their leaders savor the comforts and flow of logistical resources forcibly exacted from the masses,” Rep. Alcover explained as he pointed to the situation of Jose Ma. Sison now comfortably living on self-imposed exile in Utrecht, Netherlands; the couple Benito and Wilma Tiamzon, Satur Ocampo, and Liza Maza, to name a few, while the ordinary terrorists is compelled to endure the wrath of nature and the pains of hunger and deprivation.

However, forcibly taking 19 fighting cocks is something for the revolutionary books! “These are not to be sold in the open or selective markets but necessity dictates that the cocks are destined for the cauldron to feed hunger-stricken terrorists in the mountains or in the lowlands,” said Rep. Alcover.

“With this, the Filipino people should be warned against an organized group of bandits, masquerading as Maoist terrorists cum revolutionaries, that will strike, without fear, against anyone and at any opportune time,” Rep. Alcover said.


ANAD slams latest NDF propaganda sly

May 31, 2010

“They’re singing the same old song in a broken record.” This is how the ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist views the recent push by a known Maoist terrorist sectoral front organization calling on President-apparent Noynoy Aquino to immediately call for the resumption of the stalled peace talks between the government and Maoist terrorist National Democratic Front, once he takes office on July 1.

In a statement, a Maoist terrorist sectoral front organization – – – the Pambansang Lakas ng Kilusang Mamamalakaya ng Pilipinas (Pamalakaya), through its national vice-chair Salvador France, said the resumption of the stalled talks between the administration and the NDF should be among the priorities of the incoming Aquino government (PhilStar, May 29, 2010).

“This is like a double-edged sword where government is pushed to the wall while at the same time, the Maoist terrorist front organization is setting conditions for the resumption of the talks,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover.

“Since time ad memoriam these barking dogs of the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF has never shown sincerity in what they have been saying. My experience in the communist movement taught us to make a merry-go-round on issues and to put government in a very precarious and shameful situation. This is what is happening now,” Rep. Alcover added.

Rep. Alcover issued this statement as he called on the government to seriously study their position considering the insincerity and dishonesty that the Maoist terrorist group has shown in their 41-years of Maoist insurgency, in the country, and the more than 30-years of on-and-off peace talks between the government and the Maoist terrorists.

“If insincerity is all they can offer to the Filipino people, as their track record would show, then there is nothing that government, to include the incoming administration of President-apparent Noynoy Aquino, could expect from the Maoist group,” Rep. Alcover pointed out.

“Any peace talk with the Maoist terrorist, without any assurance of sincerity and a commitment of full compliance by the Maoist terrorist organization to any and all agreements reached by and between the government panel and the Maoist terrorist organizations, e.g. the CPP, the NPA, and all of its sub-alterns in the NDF, Salvador France’s call is just another whimper and full of holes as this clearly speaks of another propaganda stunt of the Maoist terrorist organization,” Rep. Alcover explained.

“We call on the government to ascertain full compliance and commitment by the Maoist terrorist group before any peace negotiation is relived. Anything short of this could be a logical reason for government to turn down and repudiate another of the propaganda sly of this violent and inhuman Maoist terrorist organization,” he added.

ANAD condemns Mumbai-bound train collision killing 79 people

May 29, 2010

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist, in strongest terms, condemn as premeditated and highly outrageous the Mumbai-bound train that collided with a goods-carrying train, in the railroads between Khemashuli and Sardiha stations in West Bengal, last Friday, resulting in the death of at least 79 people, some of them children, and hundreds injured.

Informations obtained by ANAD from some sources in that country points to the fact that it was a well-planned attack by the Communist Party of India (Maoist), also known as Naxalites. The CPI(Maoist) was recently declared as a terrorist organization by the Indian government.

“We extend our deep condolences to the Indian government and to the families of the 79 innocent victims of that dastard and inhuman act,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover, a former Maoist communist political officer and NPA commander in Eastern Visayas but now turned pro-democracy advocate and fighter. “What happened in West Bengal, India bears the well-known trademark of Maoist terrorism where Maoist communist ideology do not value human life as they disparagingly conduct terroristic activities to advance their unGodly ideology and inhuman intentions,” he added.

Rep. Alcover pointed to the series of incidents in the country, particularly in terrorist ravaged areas of Southern and Eastern Mindanao, Masbate, Bicol Region, Eastern and Western Visayas, where Maoist terrorists used the internationally banned Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in wasting the lives of innocent civilians and government security forces. “In fact, in the recent months, international wire reports disclosed that some Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF personalities from the Philippines, had been training Maoist terrorist cells in India in the manufacture of IEDs; and in the art of deceptive propaganda and lies to confuse the people so that the latter will rise up and fight the duly constituted government of India,” he added as he emphasized that Maoist terrorist insurgency is basically a propaganda war with the armed struggle playing a secondary yet important role in their over-all campaign against government.

“The tactics and methodology of the CPI (Maoist), in India, and the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF, in the country, bears many commonalities in the areas of selecting targets, their intentions, and in the manner of execution. They strike hard in areas where government security is very much low and without regard whether innocent and helpless civilians could be hurt or killed,” Rep. Alcover added.

“Like any other country where Maoist terrorist organizations are present and its activity very pronounced, as in Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the free and democratic world cannot expect immediate resolution of the situation. A vigorous and sustained campaign of education and counter-organization of their citizens on the real character and intentions of Maoist terrorist organizations must be set into motion by respective governments,” said Rep. Alcover as he reiterated ANAD’s position that Maoist terrorist-inspired insurgency cannot be won by the use of bullets and firearms alone.

Thirst for power and unhampered fiscal opportunism: Behind Odilao’s move vs. ANAD

May 25, 2010

It seems man’s lust for material things does not know any limits nor does it consider relationships with one another. This is the situation that ANAD has fallen into. A supposedly strong relation fizzled out when one’s thirst for position and grandeur runs high over anything else in this world.

Such is the case of David Odilao Jr., when his being ANAD’s national vice chairman, sometime in 2009, clearly and wholly evaporated in thin air simply because of his thirst for authority, position, and glamour. “Its No. 2 or nothing!” and “2010 or never!” were his uncompromising stand despite the criteria and policy laid out during ANAD’s National Congress in October 2009. Simply put, Odilao is hardly obsessed to get into Congress using ANAD! He believes that he could only achieve this if he, together with his two cohorts and a number of outsiders and ANAD wannabes, succeeds in a power-grab scheme, against the current ANAD leadership.

In retrospect, we would like to point out several facts:

  • After his colossal demise from the Bureau of Customs when the PCGAC ordered his dismissal from service, in a decision issued by then Executive Secretary Alberto Romulo dated April 20, 2002, for grave misconduct in office as Cebu’s District Collector of Customs but was saved by his prior retirement from the same office in l998 (pp. 1, Sun Star, May 15, 2002) ; and a debilitating defeat on his Congressional bid against then Cong. Eddie Gullas, Cebu’s 2nd District in 2001; Odilao volunteered to join ANAD and committed to support and strongly work for ANAD’s pro-democracy advocacy. He was taken in despite calls by some quarters to the contrary;
  • He miserably failed to deliver on his self-imposed commitment, during the 2004 and 2007 elections;
  • The “Its No. 2 or nothing!” and “2010 or never!” slogans came about a few days after ANAD’s National Congress in October 20, 2010, in Cebu City. Odilao was present during that Congress and registered no objection when the criteria for nominees’ No. 2 and 3 were discussed and approved by the body.  Instead, he later chose to discuss in public his frustrations, aches, and other matters that are internal to the organization, using media, by hurling insults, defamatory statements, and expletives to shame and discredit the current ANAD leadership;
  • ANAD’s decision to expel Odilao, together with: Ferdie Maigue and Paul Gabunales, in a Resolution, was the only recourse left for the organization to save and protect itself from further damage from spewing political and financial “bloodhounds”;
  • On March 26, 2010, without shame and remorse, they filed a separate set of five (5) Nominees with the Comelec where Odilao was named its No.1 Nominee. The four (4) other nominees were picked-out from nowhere and are not in the official List of Members of ANAD Partylist. This was the last nail driven that sealed their fate. They openly showed their thirst for power, authority, and lust for money!

The gamut of their motives is not only to grab power and authority from the current leadership of ANAD but the prejudice and utter disregard of ANAD’s general membership who will be deprived of the needed representation in Congress and the necessary funding support for livelihood, health, and education programs/projects and other increments. Odilao Jr. et. al. meticulously calculated these moves to ensure untrammeled financial resources to fund their greed-tainted plans and intentions However and in reality, in the campaign for the 2010 elections, Odilao and his group never dipped their fingers to give ANAD the votes needed!

In doing so, they effectively and skillfully used their pro-democracy posturing to camouflage their real, ulterior, and selfish designs against ANAD, especially in the latter’s peaceful advocacy of educating Filipinos against the evils wrought by Maoist terrorism! They best exemplify the Maoist communist doctrine: Join ANAD to destroy ANAD! Aren’t the Maoist terrorists happy with Odilao’s treachery? Surely, they would shout to high heavens – – – – – HHHUUURRRAAAHHH David!

Odilao’s thirst for power is obvious! His cabal of do-gooders is out to test the fertile waters of their own imagination and hypocrisy. In fact, they have pushed ANAD’s leadership to the wall so that the latter would give in to their unjust and illegal demands. Threats against the life of ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover were disseminated through text messages using cell phone numbers: 09189406478; 09084670901; 09217168265; 09159061497; and 09062907004. Undeniably this is not only a full-blown blackmail but SABOTAGE!

This is incontrovertible lust for power and financial opportunism that necessitates immediate and appropriate response to save ANAD from any and all adversities as we earnestly strive to exist and grow in our country’s political and social realms.

ANAD’s leadership and its members, all over the country, cannot allow a few wannabes to plant the seeds of hate and confusion among its members, use the organization for its devious plans, and ultimately destroy the pro-democracy organization, altogether. We should not waver in our united effort so that, in the ultimate end, we would be able to bring, those whose penchant for fallacy and evil is unending, before the bar of justice and with appropriate penalties fully served. The rule of law must prevail!

The struggle for the preservation of our democratic ideals and freedom should never be derailed by the ludicrous, malicious and selfish motives of a few and misguided elements.

Shocked and awed!

May 24, 2010


The recent national and local election is proof that indeed democracy is still alive in this country. Despite cries of electoral fraud in some parts of the country, the ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist still believes that the first-ever automated polls was generally peaceful, and credible.

As always, cries of massive electoral fraud were thrown from practically all nooks of the country by sore losers whose only ulterior motive is to get even and thus force our country into serious situation of instability and confusion.

The pro-democracy alliance strongly feels that those who cried “foul” and those behind the “Koala Bear” whistleblower are the very same persons behind the strong waves of mind conditioning propaganda, e.g. failure of election, military junta, high-tech vote rigging, of our people that became strong and more pronounced in the few months leading to the May 10 polls.

Though ANAD strongly believes that we should have garnered more votes than what was officially tallied by the National Board of Canvassers for Partylist Organizations, it would be best if this be handled by technically and legally capable persons or agencies with the end and view of improving future political exercises and making it better compared to what we had in May 10, 2010.

Shock and Awe! This simply describes the feeling of ANAD as reports from the different regions showed that even Partylist organizations were likewise involved in massive vote-buying, intimidation, and harassment of our people, especially in the countryside.

Indeed, ANAD was shocked upon learning that quite a number of Partylist organizations masterfully bastardized our Constitution, particularly on the provision on Partylist Representation for marginalized and underprivileged sectors in Congress, by not only indulging in too costly and high profiled political ads in TV and radio but going to the extent of buying the votes.  Shame and woe to these Partylist groups who bought their way into Congress!

ANAD was all the more awed on the level of violence and brute force employed by Maoist terrorist NPA and pseudo Partylist/Sectoral organizations to ensure their Partylist groups’ entry into the House of Representatives. This is not only barefaced mockery of our laws mandating the conduct of clean, honest, peaceful, and orderly elections but a bitter pill of insults against those who were tasked to effectively enforce election laws.

Definitely, the terrible beating of the Maoist terrorist’s duo of Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza, on their Senatorial aspirations, should not be taken lightly as it is a strong rebuff from the majority of Filipinos who still cherish freedom and democracy. The Maoist terrorist party – Makabayan, should not blame anybody for the serious beating they suffered during the May 10 polls. Also their political misfortune clearly showed that the so-called 3 million captive votes that Ocampo and Maza reportedly dangled before NP presidential bet Sen. Manny Villar, sometime in the late 2009, was just a whimper.

Finally, abrasive candidates were later on cowed, with their tails tucked between their legs, by the Maoist terrorist NPA and NDF pseudo Partylist and sectoral organizations resulting in established alliances between them and the enemies of the state. Indeed, an unfortunate decision by wretched minds that has greatly insulted and damaged the very essence and fibers of our democratic life, ideals, and institutions. The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) should now dip its hands against erring incoming or incumbent local government officials. There is more pronounced treason against these officials than anyone could think.

Though how obnoxious did the May 10 polls turned out to be, ANAD stands pat in our belief that with a true and lasting democracy under the aegis of real freedom and peace, all is not yet lost. Fertile grounds for improvement still abounds only if we collectively join hands in reaching for that elusive one.

On the other hand, the ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist sincerely gives our warmest and heartfelt thanks to those who without fear: were feverishly behind us, supported our cause, continued to run a steady course, and especially those who gave their vote for ANAD.

All this we take not only as a “shot on the arm” but a strong message from our people for us to unwaveringly pursue our advocacy for a better Philippines and people under the guidance of omnipresent Almighty.

Beware of the Maoist terrorist’s “Apple of the eye”

May 9, 2010


90 million or so Filipinos bear witness to the cunning and treacherous ways by which the Maoist terrorists has anchored their 41-years of  Maoist terrorist “revolution” in the country.

This is more pronounced today, May 10, as the nation holds its mandated national elections to formally select the country’s leaders who shall guide and/or govern the nation in the next six (6) years, starting July 1.

The democratic, free, and presidential governance of the country had been seriously attacked by the vicious, deceptive, and violent Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF whose preference to whatever is best for their cause and action have been their refuge and used to the hilt.

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD), solid and unwavering advocate of peace, freedom, and in the protection and advancement of our democratic ideals, has openly brought this cause inside the halls of Congress, through the Partylist System of representation.

ANAD Partylist is now the focus and currently the “target paper” of Maoist terrorist pseudo sectoral front and Partylist organizations’ tirades. ANAD never questioned the entry and participation of these pseudo communist-terrorist organizations despite our knowledge of them being masters and experts in the use of black propaganda and lies, especially on issues against government.

The pro-democracy alliance and its Partylist organization will not and shall never waiver amidst the renewed malicious campaign launched by the purveyors of violence, greed, and utter disregard for human life and liberty.

Surprising is their constant double talk, loudly audible not only in the confines of any audience but all over the 7,100 islands of the Philippine archipelago. The recent statement by erstwhile Roman Catholic Priest turned Lucifer’s legionnaire Frank Fernandez, when he said –“Only an armed revolution can bring real change for the poor . . . . .the people can’t expect any real change from the incoming president, whoever is elected on May 10. . . . the people, instead, should join the armed revolution being waged by New People’s Army guerrillas,”(PDI, issue of May 4, 2010), clearly shows  that the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF does not intend to  alter its plans of using force and arms to enforce its will on the people. This undeniably manifests their thirst and lust to destroy the fibers and structures of our cherished democracy and freedom that we, Filipinos, have savored and continuously enjoyed until today.

Likewise, this is in stark contrast to the current course taken by their colleagues in Satur Ocampo, Liza Maza, Joel Virador, Teddy Casino, Neri Colmenares, Joel Maglungsod, and others as they joined and took chances through the political exercises afforded by our government’s democracy and freedom.

How can anyone believe them when they themselves cannot openly express a united stand and program, much more on the focus and goals of their organization? This somehow lends credence to information from ANAD’s very reliable sources within the Maoist terrorist organization pointing to a serious rift among the pillars of the demonic CPP-NPA-NDF with the faction of the couple Benito and Wilma Austria strongly opposing the clique of Jose Ma. Sison, Satur Ocampo, and others.

With this situation, the Filipino people cannot expect anything positive result from any of the Peace Talks, as proposed by several sectors, that the Maoist terrorist organization overwhelmingly wanted to exploit against government.

Exponentially, this situation will give way to an even greater conflict within the government itself, with the country’s new leaders bereft of any information as to who can readily and officially take the cudgels, for and in behalf of the terrorist organization, and implement any and all agreements that may eventually be reached by the two parties.

Unknown to many Filipinos is the fact that this situation has been crafted long ago and set into motion by the leaders of the violent Maoist ideology purposely designed to drain the resources of government that would pave the way for a total collapse of our democratic institutions leading towards the dreaded communist takeover, even without firing a bullet. This scenario was carefully webbed and has become the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF’s “Apple of the Eye.”

This is not pushing the alarm buttons but a simple reiteration of what we have been saying, 22 years ago, about the real character and intentions of the Maoist terrorist organization.

We are making once again this statement with our fervent hope that the Filipino people will now be awake from deep slumbers and sheer complacency.