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ANAD: Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF is not sincere in reviving the peace talks

July 28, 2010

“As we’ve anticipated, the Maoist terrorist is not sincere to talk peace with the government.” This is the statement issued by ANAD Partylist Rep. Jun Alcover in reaction to the series of statements issued by Maoist CPP chair Jose Ma. Sison and losing Makabayan Senatorial aspirant Satur Ocampo (PDI, July 27 and 28, 2010) on President Aquino’s offer to revive the often stalled peace talks with their group.

“We have anticipated this. In fact, the conditionalities mentioned by the President could readily be addressed by Sison’s group if indeed they are sincere in talking peace with the government,” said Rep. Alcover as he supported President Aquino when he said – “Mahirap magsimula ang usapan habang may naamoy’ng pulbura sa hangin.”

“Definitely, it is really impossible talking to a person whose right hand is holding an armalite while the left hand is offering the olive branch of peace. That doesn’t serve the ends of justice and fair play,” Alcover pointed out.

He lashed out at Sison for his continued deception against government and the people. “Practically, Sison issued a policy statement regarding the Maoist terrorist’s position on the proposed resumption of the peace talks with the government. Yet he insists that he is only a mere Chief Political Consultant of the NDFP. On what authority does he have to issue policy statements if he is not the top honcho of the Maoist terrorist group? Can a mere chief political consultant issue a policy statement for any organization, much more that of the Communist Party of the Philippines?” Rep. Alcover pointed out as he described Sison and other Maoist terrorist leaders, in and outside of the country, as bunch of liars and full of pretensions.

Rep. Alcover described Sison and Ocampo’s statement as part of a plot to drumbeat a more sinister black propaganda campaign about to be waged against government. “Definitely it is forthcoming with the end-result clearly and already laid out with President Aquino on the receiving end and blamed for the collapse of the forthcoming the peace talks,” said Alcover.

He explained that this is all part of a scenario that the Maoist terrorists had planned and are keenly awaiting to unfold. “My years in the Maoist terrorist underground taught me to use any peace negotiation to advance the cause of Maoist communism in the country. This is what is happening now,” he added.

Rep. Alcover reiterated his call on the government to be steadfast in its resolve to attain a just and equitable peace for our country so that we can move forward. “But this must have to be with the Maoist terrorist laying down their firearms, total renunciation their armed struggle, and that the talks should be within the framework of our constitution and sovereignty,” Alcover clarified.


ANAD expresses “guarded” hope for peace

July 27, 2010

“At the very least, President Aquino saw the light when he challenged the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF to come up with more concrete proposals rather than throwing vicious criticisms and other forms of black propaganda against government,” said ANAD national chairman and Rep. Jun Alcover in reaction to President Benigno Simeon Aquino III’s statement on the often stalled peace negotiations with the Maoist terrorists, in his 1st State of the Nation Address before the joint session of Congress, today.

“It was all in general terms, though. Indeed, his discourse though straightforward lacked the necessary element that shall define the parameters wherein which the resumption of peace negotiations should be anchored on,” Alcover added.

He pointed to the pressing need for the Maoist terrorists to lay down their firearms and put an immediate end to their inhuman and violent armed struggle against government before the resumption of peace negotiation is held. “The President even recognized the need for the Maoist terrorists to lay down their firearms and immediately end their armed struggle when he said –  Mahirap magsimula ang usapan habang may naamoy na pulbura sa hangin,” Alcover explained.

Rep. Alcover described President Aquino’s statement on the issue as a reaffirmation of ANAD’s position that no peace stalks is possible if and when there is no reciprocal sincerity and commitment from the Maoist terrorists CPP-NPA is made by voluntarily giving up their firearms thus putting an end to their vicious armed struggle against the government of the Republic of the Philippines.

“While President Aquino has intimated the need for the resumption of the peace talks, this should be made within the context and framework of our Constitution and sovereignty and not on anything else outside and beyond it,” he stressed.

However, Alcover expressed serious doubts on the sincerity and commitment of the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF to symbiotically seek and reach out for peace, “Jose Ma. Sison’s marching order to his peers to escalate their revolution by advancing from Strategic Defensive to Strategic Stalemate is evidence enough that they are not in anyway serious to seek the path of peace for our people and country,” said Alcover.

Alcover was referring to Sison statement in an interview published in Ang Bayan, the Maoist terrorist’s publication, dated June 19, 2010 where Sison described President Aquino III as another US “clone” out to serve America’s interest in the country.

“It is my fervent hope that the President will make good of what he outlined in his SONA. Let us not commit the same mistake of complacency at the expense of our freedom and democratic institutions,” Alcover clarified.

ANAD hits Davao City’s playing coy

July 25, 2010

“How could there be peace when a local government plays coy with two opposing sides, one trying to protect and preserve freedom and democracy and the other seeking to destroy it and replace the system with a Maoist communist dictatorship,” said ANAD national chair Jun Alcover in reaction to Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio’s comprehensive program in dealing with the decades-old Maoist terrorist insurgency in that city.

Reacting to a published story, “Duterte, AFP part ways in handling insurgency” (ppA9, Inquirer Mindanao Section, PDI, July 25, 2010) Alcover said that this is the city leadership’s action  as a result of the series of encounters between elements of the Army’s 1003rd Brigade and Maoist terrorists in the Districts of Toril, Calinan, Marilog, and Paquibato, all known hotbeds of Maoist terrorists in the city.

“I know that the Maoist terrorist is currently feeling not only the heat but the pains brought about by the military’s sustained operations in these areas. Why does she resort to pulling off the plugs of the city’s financial support to the military? Pressure from the Maoist terrorist could have possibly forced Mayor Duterte-Carpio to do this,” Alcover opined.

“What about the more than 100 million pesos from the city’s Peace and Order Fund, since the administration of her father Digong Duterte,  that the city government reportedly extended annually to the Maoist terrorist organization through Leoncio Pitao, aka Parago, head of the CPP-NPA’s Southern Mindanao Regional Committee?” Alcover quipped.

Alcover lamented the fact that the people of Davao City are fully aware of the decades-old unholy alliance between the Dutertes’ and the Maoist terrorists as this resulted in the downturn of the city’s peace and order condition with many incidents of murder perpetrated with impunity. Even the Maoist terrorists’ use of the internationally banned improvised explosive devices (IED), exploitation of minors and children in combat, and the rampant violation of human rights remains unhampered, Alcover added. “Is this because of some degree of tolerance by the city’s leadership?” Alcover asked.

“I am still awaiting the current city leadership’s clear-cut policy on the presence of Maoist terrorist groups and personalities, particularly on the latter’s’ unhampered violent and inhuman activities, in the city,” Alcover said as he dared the current city leadership to make known its stand on the issue.

“Any local government unit, in the country, is always subservient to the duly constituted democratic national government of the Republic of the Philippines. The LGU of Davao City is no exception. Her pervading silence on Maoist terrorism, in Davao City, only shows that she is no different from her father who, according to many Dabawenos, was instrumental in the resurgence of Maoist terrorism there,” Alcover pointed out.

On the other hand, ANAD supports the efforts of the military, particularly the 1003rd Brigade under the leadership of Brig. Gen. Eduardo del Rosario to cleanse Davao City from the clutches of Maoist terrorism. “We congratulate Gen. del Rosario for his untiring effort as we pledge our commitment of support to his efforts,” Alcover said.

ANAD’s continued deferment: A temporary setback

July 25, 2010

“This is only a temporary setback,” said ANAD national chairman, ANAD partylist 1st nominee, former ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover on the continued deferment by the Commission on Elections sitting as the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC) of ANAD’s proclamation.

Alcover issued this statement in reaction to several allegations that Bayan Muna’s disqualification case against ANAD has indeed bore heavily against the pro-democracy’s aspirations.

“This is the price we have to pay for standing strong and unwavering in defense of our freedom and democracy inside and outside the halls of the House of Representatives,” said Alcover as he chided the Maoist terrorist pseudo partylist groups’, led by Teddy Casino, actions before the Commission on Elections, “as an open manifestation of their organization’s devious agenda against government and the Filipinos.”

He stressed that Casino’s clique, during the later part of the 14th Congress, were cautious on their plans and movements. “This is in direct contrast to what transpired during the 12th and 13th Congress, even in the earlier part of the 14th Congress before the entry of ANAD,” he added.

Meanwhile, Alcover expressed surprise on the NBOC’s continued delay in the proclamation of winning partylist groups. “I cannot understand why the NBOC continues to sit on our proclamation when their role, under the law on the automated polls of 2010, is to canvass the results and proclaim the winner,” he said.

Reiterating ANAD’s position that all election related protests should be forwarded by the Comelec to the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal (HRET), which is the proper forum to decide on all election protests against winning Congressmen, “I cannot understand why the NBOC is still entertaining disqualification cases against partylist organizations when all the points and concerns raised, in these petitions for disqualification, were already ascertained during the registration and accreditation processes, prior to any elections,” he explained.

However, Alcover expressed the hope that the members of the NBOC will ultimately see the wisdom of upholding the 7 million votes that are under threat of being disenfranchised. This number covers the votes garnered by the 11 partylist groups whose proclamation was deferred in a Comelec resolution immediately after the May 10 polls.

“It would have been better if we were able to make it in time for the July 26 opening session of Congress. Nevertheless, all our efforts have been exerted and made known to them. It is only our hope that the NBOC resolve this impasse the soonest time possible to allay growing belief in the millions of ways and reasons reportedly used by the proponents of the disqualification cases,” Alcover stressed.

ANAD chides DOJ Sec. de Lima for her ludicrous statement

July 15, 2010

The ALLLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist chided DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima for issuing a statement imputing on the military and other state forces as those responsible in the rash of extrajudicial killings under the new administration of President Simeon Benigno Aquino III (Banner story- De Lima eyes AFP men in new killings, PDI, June 14, 2010).

“As the country’s Justice Secretary, she should have waited for the results of the investigation by various investigative agencies of government who are still pooling their heads on the case; or she should have presented verifiable evidences allegedly linking military men in such kind of incidents,” said ANAD national chairman Jun Alcover as he called on Secretary de Lima to refrain from making highly speculative and unfounded statements that adversely bear against on-going investigations.

“As one of the pillars of the country’s criminal justice, Sec. de Lima, at its best, could have ordered her own NBI and other special units, to fast track their respective investigation to speed-up the resolution of these gory incidents; or she could have shut her mouth altogether, at its worst,” Alcover added.

Alcover noted that Sec. de Lima’s response to the question whether Oplan Bantay Laya is still in operation, under the Aquino administration, “was ambiguous and definitely added fuel to the flames of discontent and hurt, among the families of the victims, and to the black propaganda mill maliciously waged by Maoist terrorist sectoral and front organizations against government,” he added.

“From which side of the political fence does Sec. de Lima belong? It seems that she still have the appetite of providing propaganda ammunitions to the Maoist terrorist at the expense of the government that she belongs. She is fond of issuing ludicrous statements tantamount to media grandstanding,” Alcover said as he reminded Sec. de Lima that the days of her being the chair of the Commission on Human Rights are over. It can be recalled, as CHR chair, de Lima was frolicking around situations and conditions, particularly the case of Melissa Roxas, who was later on unmasked as a true-blooded NPA warrior and not just an activist that she pretended to be.

Alcover noted that following President Aquino’s order to the military and the police to immediately get to the bottom of these incidents, Justice Secretary de Lima should have made a follow through to ensure that results are obtained ASAP, “rather than issuing unnecessary statements that would muddle not only these incidents but the direction that President Aquino’s administration has set,” Alcover stressed.

Bayan’s mediocre propaganda sly scored

July 14, 2010

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY ‘(ANAD) Partylist describe BAYAN’s (Bagong Alyansa Makabayan) latest statement calling on President Benigno Simeno Aquino III to “hold the military accountable for killings” (12 July 2010, as manifest insincerity and deliberate manipulation of facts.

“Why solely point on the military as the ones responsible in the series of murders, in the country. BAYAN, the Maoist’s umbrella of all its sectoral front organizations, knows fully well that the New Peoples Army (NPA), their counterpart in the Maoist terrorist movement, is likewise responsible to many murders, especially in the countryside, covering some 41-years of Maoist communist insurgency,” said ANAD national chairman Jun Alcover.

It is entirely premature to accuse the military while the investigation is still going on: in the murders of Fernando Baldomero in Aklan, Pascual Guevarra in Nueva Ecija, recently Mark Francisco, a 27-year-old teacher at San Isidro Elementary School in Palanas, Masbate; and those responsible  for the grizzly murders are not yet identified, said Alcover as he slammed Renato Reyes, Bayan Secretary General, for “jumping the gun” on law enforcement authorities and resorting to black propaganda to put the Aquino administration in bad light and into a very tenuous position.

“My years in the Maoist terrorist movement, in Leyte, Samar, and Cebu, gave me first hand experience on the several murders and kidnappings the NPA committed against innocent and helpless civilians designed to create conditions ripe for Maoist terrorist revolution. It is not farfetched that what happened to Baldomero, Guevarra, and Francisco could be the handiwork of NPA to fan the flames of Maoist terrorist revolution under President Aquino’s administration,” Alcover explained.

Emphasizing that the NPAs are not spared from liability and must be made to answer for any violation of human rights they committed against the Filipino people, Alcover pointed to then CHR chairperson and now DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima who categorically stated that non-state actors (including the Maoist terrorists organization who claim to be revolutionaries) are likewise bound to protect the rights of individuals and must answer for the violence and inhuman acts committed against the Filipino people. “Reyes’ stoic response and deliberate silence on the issue clearly shows that they are ‘on the same boat’ with the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA,” he added.

With President Aquino’s recent order to the AFP giving priority to the protection of human rights and to crush the Maoist terrorist insurgency, Alcover challenged Reyes saying, “Instead of using black propaganda against government, they must now call on Jose Ma. Sison and the Maoist terrorist NPA to immediately put immediately cease from their armed struggle, thus ending the miseries and inhuman acts they have mercilessly committed against the Filipino people. This could be a positive step towards reviving the often stalled peace talks,” he said.