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ANAD warns government against “No Pre-Condition” policy

October 23, 2010

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) Partylist expresses deep concerns over government’s “No Pre-Condition” policy with the Maoist terrorist organization in its bid to revive the often-stalled peace talks with the Maoist terrorist National Democratic Front (NDF) panel.

“The government, since some 22 years of peace talks, has always fallen flat into the trap skillfully laid down by the Maoist terrorists. This time, the GRP again will be talking peace with a group whose leader does not possess any official mandate or authority from the Central Committee of the Maoist terrorist Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) to represent their group in the negotiations,” said ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover.

“While ANAD has some reservation on the composition of the GRP headed by Health Undersecretary Alex Padilla, the official authorization from the Maoist terrorist CPP is necessary for the NDF panel to speak with authority during the talks,” Rep. Alcover pointed out.

Time and again, ANAD has seriously questioned Luis Jalandoni’s heading the Maoist terrorist panel because of the many lies and innuendoes that he had previously made amidst the increased NPA attacks and other atrocities against government facilities, personnel, and civilians. “This time, government must make sure that they will not be dealing with a phantom or a puppet manipulated by the unseen hands of their Maoist omnipotent demagogue Jose Ma. Sison,” he added.

ANAD strongly call on President Benigno Simeon Aquino III to demand a written official authority from the CPP Central Committee for whoever shall head the Maoist terrorist group during the forthcoming talks, “So that any agreement reached between the GRP and the NDFP shall be fully implemented and complied by their group,” Rep. Alcover stressed.

“What about the unreasonable and the much abused SAFE CONDUCT PASSES extended by the government to Maoist terrorist leaders masquerading as Peace Consultants?  OPAPP Secretary Teresita Quintos-Deles must make a clear and unequivocal statement that shall express government’s stand on the matter,” Rep. Alcover said.

On the other hand, ANAD warned of dire consequences for the country if government insists on its “No Pre-Condition Policy” with the Maoist terrorist group. The more than 22 years of on-and-off peace negotiations had shown that even with ceasefire and other moves and directives to enhance the holding of the peace talks, “The government was always in the  loosing end. What more with the No Pre-Condition Policy?” asked Rep. Alcover as he shared his personal knowledge on the character, thinking, and outlook of the Maoist terrorist organization and leadership being a former political officer and commanding officer of the CPP-NPA in Eastern and Central Visayas.

“If the above requirement is not appropriately answered by the Maoist terrorist group, then the forthcoming peace negotiation is bound to fail. It shall be another zarzuela and millions of pesos of people’s money wasted!” Rep. Alcover quipped.


“We’ve been vindicated. Justice must be meted out!”

October 11, 2010

“They dye is cast. We’ve been vindicated. Those who pretended to be leaders of ANAD and those who felt that ANAD should not be given the opportunity to serve its constituents under the real spirit of democracy and freedom were given not only a disgraceful exit but something they won’t forget in their lifetime.”

ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover issued this statement last October 7, 2010, hours after the Comelec issued an order lifting its deferment order against ANAD and proclaiming him as ANAD’s representative to the 15th Congress, to put the records straight and calm down heightened innuendoes by those who are now proven not only as liars but persistent in their insidious and evil designs to take over the reins of ANAD.

“I hope and pray that David Odilao Jr and his ilk can sleep soundly, seriously reflect on their lost cause, come up to their true senses, and stop from living in their world of make believe,” Rep. Alcover said as he urged Odilao’s cabal to brace up and be ready to answer all of the criminal cases filed against them.

In a nutshell, a) The Comelec’s 1st Division, in their Resolution promulgated August 2, 2010 on SPP No. 10-011 dismissed Bayan Muna’s Disqualification Case against ANAD saying, “the assertion that ANAD is disqualified from participating in the 2010 elections for its failure to obtain the requisite 2% vote in the two preceding elections is, therefore, misplaced, . . Bayan Muna failed to demonstrate clearly by sufficient evidence that ANAD does not represent the marginalized and underrepresented”; b) Comelec’s 2nd Division, in a Resolution promulgated August 5, 2010 on SPA No. 10-022 (DCN) granted ANAD’s petition for the cancellation/nullification of the Certificate of Nomination and Acceptance of self-styled ANAD nominees: David Odilao Jr., Leborio Jangao, Alexander Canonigo, Bernardo Mabbagu, and Herminigildo Gonzaga. In the same resolution, the Comelec nullified the same Certificate of Nomination and Acceptance of Odilao’s group; c) the same Division of the Comelec, in a Resolution promulgated August 11, 2010 on SPA No. 10-021 (DCN) denied the Petition to Deny Due Course to the Certificates of Nomination and Acceptance of ANAD’s nominees led by Rep. Alcover, filed by Constante Raval, among Odilao’s minion. In effect, the resolution upheld its previous ruling on SPA No. 10-022 (DCN) when it said, “ . . . the present petition is rendered moot in as much as a Resolution was already issued by the Commission’s Second Division in SPA No. 10-022(DCN) acknowledging the authority granted by the National Congress of ANAD to Chairman and Incumbent Representative Alcover to appoint ANAD’s nominees.”

“Comelec’s twin decisions on the cases involving Odilao and his cohorts speak loudly of their (Comelec) affirmation of real ANAD Partylist, under my leadership, as the sole and legitimate pro-democracy organization that should have its rightful seat in Congress. At the same time, it threw out whatever has been concocted, falsified, and perjured as nothing but trash that does not merit any consideration by the Comelec, much more by any courts of law,” Rep. Alcover pointed out.

“The two (2) Motions for Reconsideration (in SPA No. 10-022 and SPA No. 10-021) that they filed with the poll body went to naught as the Comelec stood their ground by dismissing it altogether. This was their last ditch effort to stifle ANAD’s earnest effort,” Rep. Alcover said.

On the possibility of reaching a peaceful settlement with the group of Odilao, unequivocally Rep. Alcover retorted saying that peace could very well be served after justice is meted out. “We will think about that after Odilao and his gang is finished dancing to the music we have prepared through the series of criminal cases of falsification and perjury against all those who signed several falsified documents and misrepresented themselves as ANAD members whom the Comelec has not given even any iota of consideration,” Alcover explained.

At the same time, Rep. Alcover thanked all those who stood by ANAD even when the waters were rough, so to speak. “I am thankful to those who showed their unwavering faith on us. The struggle continues for our country and people,” Rep. Alcover said.