ANAD: Maoist terrorists must show equal sincerity and commitment towards peace

“It is not enough that manifestations of goodwill, sincerity and commitment are asked from and shown by government. More importantly, the Maoist terrorist Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) must show to the Filipino people the same by ordering their New People’s Army (NPA) to put an immediate cessation of hostilities, e.g. attacks against government facilities and installations, and extortion activities, in the guise of collecting alleged revolutionary taxes, from businesses and innocent Filipinos in the countryside.”

ANAD Rep. Jun Alcover issued this statement in reaction to recent developments saying further, “Asking government something to show sincerity and commitment towards peace without doing their own share of goodwill and confidence building measures is totally absurd and clearly speaks of their untrammeled deception and manipulation!

Rep. Alcover scoffed at the Maoist terrorist CPP for being over zealous to send National Democratic Front head Luis Jalandoni and his wife, Connie, both former priest and nun of the Roman Catholic Church respectively, to the country to make a courtesy call on President Noynoy Aquino.

“Why are they in a hurry to make that courtesy call? Sison’s group has been demanding too much from government but never has made even a manifestation of their sincerity and commitment to ensure the success of the peace talks!” clarified Rep. Alcover as he strongly condemned the continued attacks, harassments, extortions, and illegal activities perpetrated by the NPAs against hapless civilians and government facilities amidst the winds of reviving the often stalled peace talks blowing in the horizons.

Rep. Alcover is saddened that the Maoist terrorist CPP has incessantly accused government of human rights violations, “When in truth and in fact, the NPAs and the NDF has committed more than the number of these violations yet never admitted responsibility of the crimes they committed against humanity!”

On the issue of the Joint Agreement on Security and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG), Rep. Alcover described this as one-sided and has always put government on the receiving end. The former CPP-NPA political officer and commanding officer in Eastern and Central Visayas now turned staunch pro-democracy advocate said that indeed Maoist terrorists exhaustively used and abused JASIG to the hilt.

“The issuance of Safe Conduct Passes to their comrades and combatants, disguised as NDF consultants, has been abrasive. What happened is that JASIG has worked in favor of the Maoist terrorists as they were able to consolidate their forces and launched vicious attacks against government facilities and civilian soft-targets while the negotiations were going on,” explained.

On the other hand, Rep. Alcover is seriously entertaining doubts on the novelty and rationale behind NDFP Fidel Agcaoili’s invitation to GRP panel head Alex Padilla to a meeting in Hongkong, and describing Padilla and lawyer Pablito Sanidad, as “enlightened” members of the reconstituted GRP panel. “I smell something fishy in this!” Rep. Alcover said as he warned government of Jose Ma. Sison’s treachery against then President Cory Aquino after the latter released all of Marcos’ political detainees, including Sison.

“Days following his release from detention and after failing to get what he demanded from his benefactor, Pres. Cory, didn’t Joma and his ilk, particularly the spouses Jalandoni and Agcoili, surreptitiously leave the country then sought refuge and political asylum in Europe? From then on, Joma continued his Maoist terrorism activities against the constitutionally established and democratic government of the country,” he quipped.

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