A call for reciprocal sincerity and commitment towards peace



ANAD Partylist Representative


Mr. Speaker and members of this House of the Peoples’ Representatives, this Representation whose constituency principally espouses a sustained and strong pro-democracy advocacy, rises on the question of personal and collective privilege to raise important concerns that not only relates to what we are today but it is of utmost importance as it transcends generations upon generations of Filipinos whose freedom, peace, and democratic institutions is seriously threatened by a callous, inhuman, violent, and evil ideology, not original to Filipinos, but all the more embraced by a few egocentric human beings and skilfully inculcated on the minds and hearts of our people covering some 42 years and still going.

The threat of Maoist terrorism, expertly and intricately woven by the so many layers of lies and deceit is more pronounced today than ever before. The Maoist terrorist Communist Party of the Philippines arrogantly displayed repugnant and astute traits as they waged a relentless and ultra violent armed struggle, through their New Peoples Army (NPA), on one hand; while the National Democratic Front (NDF) is so engrossed in the political struggle through their above ground organization the Bagong Alyansa Makabayan or BAYAN, and the Underground Mass Organization or UGMO, on the other, who are vociferous, like termites, as they wage a concerted effort  to infiltrate our legal political structures and ultimately cause its total collapse and destruction.

The basic weapon used by the NDF’s political provocateurs par excellence is black propaganda and levelled against government, at all times. BAYAN and its legal sectoral front and pseudo partylist organizations skilfully waded through our democracy and effectively used Marxist doctrine: Join government to destroy government; Use democracy to destroy democracy, and Join Parliament to destroy parliament against us.

All that is happening now, are the very same doctrines insidiously instilled on this representation during the time when I was active in the Maoist communist underground organization, as pioneer political and commanding officer of the Maoist CPP-NPA in Eastern and Central Visayas, covering the years from 1968 until the late 70’s.

Mr. Speaker and members of this august chamber, the speedy release of the Morong 43, with John Mark Barrientos, Valentino Paulino, Cherylyn Tawagon, Eleanor Carandang, and Jennylyn Pizarro, who in their own respective volition decided to stay inside Camp Capinpin, clearly demonstrates how deep the venomous tentacles of the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF has infiltrated the constitutionally established offices of government and influence political situations and decisions.

The Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) Partylist denounce, in strongest terms, the haste and quickness of pace that the Department of Justice did.  Many believed that President Aquino III was caught between the great divide and deep blue sea, so to speak, when: a) he was so incensed with the idea of settling the decades old Maoist terrorist insurgency, in the country, where his predecessors failed; and b): his hands are tied to his oath of office which is basically to uphold the rule of law aside from protecting our country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, among others.

In the latter and simply said, Mr. Speaker, the highest official of the land must uphold the majesty of the law, at all time, inclusive of which are the established Rules of Procedures, and the many jurisprudence of the Supreme Court.

Sad is the fact / that all these were thrown out, courtesy of DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima who ordered her prosecutors to file a Motion to Withdraw Information before the courts of law.

Let me emphasize that ANAD, through this representation, is not against the release from detention of the Morong 43 but on the issue of compliance to established rules of procedures and jurisprudence. In short, what was at stake was the issue of: the Rule of Law, existing Jurisprudence, and the established Judicial Procedure. Shortcuts, especially those done intentionally and deliberately to please somebody or a group, is wholly unacceptable and should merit outright condemnation by peace and freedom loving Filipinos.

You may all say / that it is now water under the bridge. But on the contrary, I say that this issue must be raised again and brought before us, in this august chamber, because what happened was a blatant transgression of our laws to give way to the clamor of a few whose expertise in drumbeating dirty and concocted propaganda is what they mastered and were known for.

Mr. Speaker, weeks before the Dec. 10 celebration of the International Human Rights Day, this representation and ANAD is fully aware that the Maoist terrorist sectoral front organizations and pseudo partylist groups were so engrossed in stirring public opinion by doing the rounds and talking to them or through e-mail sent to both domestic and foreign personalities and organization to pressure government into releasing the Morong 43 from detention, and thus making a mockery of our own laws.

Lamentable is the fact that despite the straightforward and clear admission of Barrientos, Paulino, Carandang, Tawagon, and Pizarro that they are members of the violent NPA and were on training for medical and emergency measures which can be used while in the mountains, Maoist terrorist sectoral front and pseudo partylist organizations insists that they are rural health workers and whose rights were violated. Sickening is their posturing and pretensions.

The release of the Morong 43 is in fact a victory for Maoism in this country, Mr. Speaker! The Maoist terrorist pseudo partylist representatives here, sitting comfortably and enjoying the perks and privileges of the institution that they committed themselves to destroy, together with their cabal of allies in this chamber, already may have celebrated their victory, altogether. However, for those whose strong faith is still firmly nestled on the protection and preservation of our freedoms and democracy, views this as a signal of bleak portents to come.

The concern of ANAD does not end with the release of Morong 43. Much to our chagrin is the fact that once again government is slowly being sweet-talked into believing that bright days are coming if the peace negotiations are revived and moving.

The ambivalence of their manipulations is very much alarming and sends chilling signals against us. This is more glaring today, Mr. Speaker, with not only a few but a sizeable number of personalities whom I am sure were hardline Maoist communist are now sitting in the air-conditioned offices and cushion-packed swivel chairs in government offices and paid dearly out of the taxpayers money. This Congress is not exempted from this highly repugnant display of arrogance and cheat.

Time and again, ANAD issued statements of caution. Again, I say, statement of caution and not to raise the ante of negativism and warmongering. The 42 years of Maoist terrorist insurgency and peace negotiations covering some 21 years resulted to nothing.

Why? It is because one of the parties in the negotiation is tightly stuck to its insincerity and non-commitment to seek the path of peace for the country and people. As ever, they are wholly obsessed in the total destruction of our free and democratic system of governance and all of its corresponding structures and institutions, including this House of Peoples Representative.

Recent developments, particularly during the 19 days unilateral ceasefire, both but separately declared by the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF and the government of the Republic of the Philippines, are vivid proofs of the terrorist’s intransigence, unfaithfulness, and insincerity to seek the path of peaceful resolution to the decades old and longest running Maoist terrorist insurgency, in the world.

Despite the assurances made by Jose Ma. Sison and Luis Jalandoni that the February 2011  Peace Talks shall push through, their subaltern in the person of Jorge Madlos, aka Ka Oris and reportedly the spokesman of the NDF in Mindanao, issued startling messages that says – – despite the resumption of the peace negotiation and the truce or ceasefire that may possibly be put in effect, the Maoist NPA’s shall continue with its military offensive, massive recruitment for members, including minors, and the expansion of their base and operational areas. This is aside from the veiled threat against mining companies who were told to raise their extorted take from 15 million pesos annually to 20 million pesos.

Indeed, Madlos scare tactic was deliberate and with purpose. Who then shall carry the heavy load of the economic backlash once these mining companies closes shop and take flight out of the country carrying their billions of dollars in investments?

No one else but the government of the Republic of the Philippines. It is not solely President Benigno Aquino III who shall feel the extreme heat and pain of any economic downturn but the entire 94 million Filipinos, or so!

Mr. Speaker, with a heavy heart and in my solitude, I made a deep soul searching and asked this question to myself – – – What has happened to our leaders? These are the very same leaders who were chosen by millions of Filipinos to administer this country and steer the rudder of governance clearly and steady on course along the lines of real freedom and principles of democracy.

But my reading of recent developments points to an impending disaster, of calamitous proportion, for our cherished freedoms and democratic ideals with our chosen leaders more than willing to give away anything  just to convince a group who is notoriously known to be incorrigible liars and skilfully adept in displaying the art of deception. Is their truth to the rumor that decidedly, this is for political expediency and hype?

A very biased, solid, and concrete manifestation of confidence building measures that has never been reciprocated equally by Jose Ma. Sison’s CPP-NPA-NDF except the continued detonation of land mines and bursts of gunfire resulting in the grizzly murder of Joven Cabe, a 9-year old child and 10 soldiers in Las Navas town, Northern Samar just two-days before the start of the 19-day unilateral ceasefire that the CPP-NPA-NDF declared and under the guise of giving meaning to the Yuletide Season which even they themselves do not adhere or believe.

The deception is glaring, Mr. Speaker. Indeed, it was a ceasefire that’s so precious and much desired by the Maoist terrorist to replenish their logistical needs, consolidate their forces, and strategizes once again what necessary steps to make, all in the name of the Godless, inhuman, and violent Maoist communist terrorist revolution!

I wanted to share with you a famous line which has become a byword, not only by me but by those whose endearing love for freedom and democracy still burn deep inside. The saying goes – – – NEVER TRUST A COMMUNIST! Does this hold true today? I think, the answer is a very big YES!

It seems, we are not heading to any specific objective. This is another zarzuela of lies and deceit well calibrated and deliberately planned by Maoist terrorist personalities to sow chaos and eventually the total collapse of freedom and democracy in this country.

We cannot afford to be complacent and feel relaxed if we want to deal fairly, equitably, and honestly with communists. The more than 20 years of hard pressed negotiations for peace has failed because of Maoist terrorists’ machinations and making.

Why is this happening? Is it because of what they call – – – political expediency? Whose political interest is at stake now? Are we willing to easily give in without knowing the root causes of all of these?

Mr. Speaker, in all frankness and candor, allow me to ask this question: Have we changed course, in the matter of state policies? As a matter of fact and if my memory tells me right, our government maintains a “No Negotiation Policy” towards terrorists and criminals, particularly kidnappers. The implementation of this policy transcended several of our country’s presidential administrations. Now that we are about to go back to the negotiating table, I therefore ask this question – – – Has our government extended the status of belligerency to the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF?

As a matter of right, this representation and my constituency, Mr. Speaker, demand an answer from President Aquino III. We should not forget ANAD shares the same interest with the leaders of government to seek peace, also. But this must not be at the expense of justice, fair play, and the rule of law.

If the answer is NEGATIVE, then government must impose its authority over and above the illegitimate and the illegal. Contrary to the allegations of the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF, there is no such thing as revolutionary government in this country. There is only one legitimate government in this country and that is the government of the Republic of the Philippines and nothing else. Therefore, government is duty bound to put a stop to the unabated extortion activities perpetrated by the Maoist terrorist. On this regard, Mr. Speaker, to effectively enforce the law, we should not do a slapstick response to the violence and inhumanity that the Maoist terrorist’s CPP-NPA-NDF has committed against our people. A resolute and lawful response is what our people expect from government.

ANAD reiterates our position that PEACE TALKS SHALL ONLY BE HELD AFTER THE REMOVING OF FIREARMS by the Maoist terrorists. Prudence and mutual respect dictates that the legitimate should, at all times, prevail over the illegitimate; and the legal should never yield to the illegal.

Mr. Speaker, if peace is what we seek, then this must be within the framework of our constitution. The Maoist terrorist NPA must remove their firearms before the resumption of the peace negotiations. It is absurd, highly outrageous, and unacceptable for government to talk peace with the terrorist M-16 rifles foisted at our back and their fingers on the trigger, ready to squeeze it, Mr. Speaker.

At the same time, government must reciprocate this by ordering all of its security forces: the military, police, and auxiliary forces, to return to their respective camps or barracks, during the talks.

We should not commit the same mistakes as before. We should not allow complacency to set in at the expense of our peoples’ security and lives. We must put an end to the lies and the unrelenting manipulation that Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF personalities, to include those who are now sitting comfortably in this hall, have mastered and skilfully exerted to the detriment of our country’s future and well-being.

All these are simple demands that no one would dare deny it, if only sincerity, purity of intentions, and commitment towards peace really lingers inside their conscience and heart. But definitely, all these shall be thrown out by people whose ulterior motive is to foster violence and human depredation leading to the total collapse of our country’s democracy and freedom.

I therefore call on all members of this august chamber that we forge a covenant of unity and rally behind this call for reciprocal sincerity and commitment from the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF and jointly seek, with government and the millions of  Filipinos, the very elusive peace that all of us have maintained a burning desire to attain.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker and my esteemed colleagues.


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