ANAD decries government move to release “NDF Peace Consultants”

“Another scorching travesty of justice and inequality if government shall indeed release about a dozen of Maoist terrorist leaders that the Maoist terrorist CPP-NPA-NDF claim are their peace consultants as reported in newspapers, yesterday (ppA1 PDI, 1/20/11).”

ANAD Partylist Rep. Jun Alcover issued this statement as he called on government to further clarify its position saying, “Are we going to do a repeat of the zarzuela that surrounded the release of Morong 43?”

ANAD strongly believes that the President’s decision and subsequent order issued by DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima to her prosecutors to file a Motion to Withdraw Information was a blatant violation of our laws, established jurisprudence, and the standing Rules of Procedure of the National Prosecution Service.

“Is government bent on setting free all detained Maoist terrorists who were arrested by a valid warrant of arrest issued by the courts? Why only them? What about the many Filipinos who had been languishing in jail for many years while their cases is still pending with the courts? Is government not going to release them in the spirit of justice, equality, and fairness?” Rep. Alcover said.

The pro-democracy leader slammed the Jose Ma. Sison and Luis Jalandoni for demanding so much from government without even showing and doing its share of confidence building measures towards peace. “They have openly manipulated situations in their favor without giving anything, in return! They have responded with deaf ears and blinded eyes to the resounding call of the Filipino people for reciprocal sincerity and commitment towards peace” Rep. Alcover explained.

Rep. Alcover warned against a possible Nepal-like situation that may happen in this country. “Recent developments tends to validate some circulated information that the next step that the Maoist terrorist group shall seek is to establish a coalition government similar to that of Nepal with the communist ultimately taking over the reigns of governance and plunging the country into a deeply divided and troubled nation,” he clarified.

“We cannot afford that. Peace is all what we seek. But this must be within the framework of our constitution and the rule of law. Government must assert its authority over a revolutionary organization and stamp-out with finality all spurious and fallacious claims of having a separate or independent rule within our territory and political jurisdiction,” Rep. Alcover stressed.


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