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ANAD logo for Web 2ANAD is the acronym of ALIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY, a party-list organization established on February 14, 2002 by peace-loving pro-democracy and pro-government Filipinos. Many of its members are former communist rebels who hail from the various marginalized sectors like farmers, laborers, drivers and others. This is in response to the provision of RA 7941 (Party- List system) that mandates the granting of equal rights and opportunities to the poor in the lawmaking and decision-making process in the Lower House of Congress. ANAD is aware that there are representatives in the Lower House who are members of the maoist communist terrorists or are used by them to “JOIN THE GOVERNMENT TO DESTROY THE GOVERNMENT, USE DEMOCRACY TO DESTROY DEMOCRACY”. ANAD also aims to uplift the living condition of rebel returnees and hasten their reintegration to society to have normal life,  as well as seeking justice for the victims of maoist communist terrorism.


ANAD seeks the reestablishment of a prosperous Philippines where the Filipinos live freely, peacefully and enjoying the blessings of democracy under the guidance of the Divine Providence.


To improve the plight of the Filipino poor by enacting laws towards poverty alleviation and economic concerns.

At the same time save the country from the claws of Maoist communist terrorism which is one of the root causes of poverty.


Peace and Order. ANAD believes that the barangay is the frontier in the promotion and maintenance of national peace. Thus ANAD will work for the professionalization of the BARANGAY TANOD as well as the barangay council leaders and members. Social awareness, value enrichment and baranganic leadership shall be strengthened thru education and advocacy. Economic growth is best achieved in a peaceful environment.

Economy. ANAD members are those that belong to the 26.5 million Filipinos living below poverty line. Simply put, we are the marginalized sector of Philippine society, i.e., subsistence farmers, fishermen, urban poor, public utility drivers, students/youths, rank-and-file workers, in the barangays, banding and bonded together by our common desire to alleviate our plight. With ANAD, we can institutionalize barangay-based economy as a proactive community action in the national economic effort.

Infrastructure Development. The barangay shall be given the priority in supplying manpower for projects within the barangay, as well as to be part in bidding process. In this way we can be assured of better quality infrastructure because the barangay leaders can easily be made responsible and answerable for any substandard finished project.

Social Services. ANAD shall see to it that social services reach the barangay. Medical and dental services shall be available to barangay folks.

Consultation/Dialogue. ANAD shall conduct regular consultation and dialogue with the members to insure that their voice shall be heard in the halls of Congress and their welfare is effectively served. ANAD filed its verified petition for registration as party-list organization with the Commission on Elections Law Department last September 29, 2003.

Declare War Against Terrorism in Congress. ANAD shall expose and oppose the legal fronts of the Maoist communist terrorists that successfully invade Congress and trying to get into it through the guise of being party-list. ANAD cannot stomach the fact that legal terrorists, in Congress, use their legislative power/s to their own advantage. We cannot allow them to use congressional funds, taxes that we (Filipinos) paid, to advance their revolutionary cause of destroying the very fibers of our democratic government;

Strengthen Democracy. ANAD believes that democracy can be well strengthened if the threats against it are effectively weakened and eliminated. ANAD shall support the AFP and the PNP in their campaign against terrorism. These government institutions are the real soldiers and civilian units of the government tasked to maintain peace and order and defend the country against the multi-faceted threat to our national security.

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